Friday, November 21, 2014

Surviving the Holidays -- Here is my Plan!

Alright Alright Alright, I've been traveling ... going for a huge goal in my business .. and totally putting myself on the back burner. Yes it happens from time to time but I'm always committed to getting back on track and realizing the issue before it gets out of hand.

I've decided that i'm going to wait on ChaLEAN Extreme until i'm in a more stable place and pull out the 21 Day Fix. My all time favorite workout program. Best of all it's only 21 days long and gets you whipped back into shape QUICKLY!

I've got my meal plan all planned out and have been doing following it this week. I have been sticking with the workout and am excited to just get a normal routine back. Yep, I'm even pulling out my fix portion control containers and measuring out my food again. I will not let the holidays sabotage me. I WILL rock that little black dress come New Years. :)

survive the holidays with out the weight gain

I, Marlena Hedine Devote the next six weeks to surviving the Holidays with out the weight gain and helping my challengers do the same

We are in it to win it!! I will not go out this year gaining all the weight back I worked hard to get off! 

It's not about waiting for the new year... It's about starting NOW! There is no better time. 

We can still enjoy our holiday favorites but have balance! I'll tell you one thing  I totally plan on rocking that little black dress come New Years Eve!

How about you?

You in!? You ready to join us? 

So wanna know my Plan ... Here it is. 

holiday survival avoid the weight gain

I know that this plan is totally going to keep on track over these next few weeks, keep me focused, avoid the holiday weight gain, and create that perfect balance that I need. I totally still plan on enjoying the holidays and a portion of the goodies. But I am for sure getting in my workouts, checking in with my challenge groups, drinking my water, and choosing SOME of my favorites instead of all of them. It's all about creating that lifestyle that allows you to still enjoy but also get the results you want. Clean eating is the answer!! Truthfully. 

Here is my meal plan for the week. Lots of good things on there. It's not about depriving yourself or starving. It's about eating whole foods and sticking to the proper portions which the 21 day fix helps you with. It comes with these perfect little portion control containers that takes all the guess work out of everything. Truth be told it's a TON of food you actually get to eat when you are eating the right way. 

21 day fix breakfast

Here is my menu plan for the week. Having GOOD clean meals is what keeps me on track. I'm not sacrificing flavor but i'm still eating clean. I share my menu plans every week in my challenge groups and help my challengers lean how to make their own. Clean eating is SO important to me because it's changed my life! I would be happy to help you get on track. 

21 day fix meal plan

Let's say NO to holiday weight gain this year!! Together we are going to get back on track NOW instead of waiting till after the holidays when we have gained another 5-10 pounds. WE are going to stand CONFIDENT during new years and feel Sexy in our holiday outfits. BOOM! Why not you!?!? You totally have the choice! 

fitness motivation

My Next challenge Group is opening up next week and we are starting workouts DECEMBER 1st! 
If you are interested in loosing up to 5-10 pounds before the holidays are even just maintaining through the holidays and finding that healthy balance. JOIN ME! 

We are going to be getting our 30 min workouts together
Replacing one meal a day with Shakeolgoy
Holding each other accountable 
Learning all about clean eating
Making weekly menu plans 
Sharing recipes
and Motivating each other 
All in a closed group!

Shakeolgoy- Full of Veggies but taste like a thin mint! 

So are you game!?!? Are you ready to beat the holiday weight gain and join us!?!? Fill out the application below to be considered. Only choosing 10 to join us!! 
survive the holidays, beat the holiday weight gain

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