Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Clean Eating Meal Plan & Meal Prep

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How does Marlena Hedine keep herself entertained during Meal Prep!?!? Yep, you got that right ... I find a show i'm addicted to or a book and focus on that. It totally is MY TIME, where i'm able to get my self ready for the week, cook all my meals, and just relax. Plus, knowing that I i'm doing something productive and getting to catch up on some shows totally gets my butt off the couch and into the kitchen to spend those few hours. So, if you are looking for a way to MAKE yourself prep each week .. this is totally the way to go. Get Netflix on your lap top and stream your guilty pleasures.

I'm already all caught up on "Carrie the High school Days", "Revenge", and a few other favorites so I started watching this show and It's okay. Not my favorite but I was able to get into it a bit. It's not a I can't live with out show but kept me entertained. I've heard Breaking Bad is good so I may start that one this Sunday during Prepping time.

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I've been slacking on the meal planning lately to be honest. I've been busy with my challengers and coaches on my team that I haven't been taking the time out to work on myself and keep myself in check. So I knew it was time to put my foot down and take care of myself. Feels so good to have a yummy lunch already portioned out and ready for me in the fridge. Totally delicious. I know you will feel the same way if you can just take the time out each week to do something GOOD for yourself and family that is going to keep you on track. I know it's hard for busy Momma's to step aside and do anything for themselves but I promise you it's worth it and it will actually make your week less stressful and you will end up spending less at the grocery store. 

So here is my meal plan for the week. I laid it all out so that it's set and ready to go. 

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I normally do all my batch cooking on Sundays but this week I had so much going on that i wasn't able to get it in till Wednesday during the day. To be honest, I was going crazy with out my meal plan. It was much harder to stay on track. 
I started with putting a cup of Quinoa on the stove and cooking that up. I then put my Asparagus in the oven to roast with a little bit of olive oil and minted garlic. While that was cooking I started cooking my Tilapia. I coated it with slivered almonds and some Mrs Dash seasonings. A little bit of Olive Oil in the pan and pan sautéed it. Seriously DELISH!! Once the Quinoa was done I placed it in the pan I was cooking the fish in and added in frozen peas and carrots and a bit of light soy sauce to give it some flavor and just let it heat up a bit to defrost the veggies.
Once everything was done I portioned it out and put in individual containers I could just grab and warm up. Someone asked me what fish tasted like warmed up and honestly it taste just as good. Delish!! I really enjoyed my lunch today and felt spoiled. It was an amazing meal. Asparagus was perfect, Quinoa felt like comfort food. If you have never had Quinoa you should try it. It's like rice but is so much better for you. Packed full of protein and minerals. It's a POWER HOUSE FOOD! 

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Working on Portion Control!?!? This should help!! The 21 Day Fix is also great for teaching you all about that if you need more help with meal planning and prepping. 

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I then got my snacks ready to go for the week by portioning those out in little baggies. I portioned out a big handful of carrots in each little baggy and plan on having that with 2 tbsp of hummus for a PM snack. It's easier for me just to have the same snacks pretty much every day and it honestly doesn't bug me. If I get bored i'll switch it up. But for now it works for me. I've been eating this snack for a year now. I also grabbed big honey crisp apple (yummmm) and portioned out 14 almonds into a baggy for an am snack. Some other snacks I plan on having is PB toast (whole wheat of course and all natural) and plain yogurt with a bit of honey and blackberries. But it is all portioned out and ready to go in my fridge so I can just easily grab. I have some quest bars or easy grabbing as well. 

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Breakfast is super easy and a no brainer for me and the hubby. We both drink Shakeology!! I shake it up with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk and ice! Easy Peasy!! I love that I don't even have to think about it that's it's a perfect meal that is ready to go. I'll have that with a cup of coffee with a little bit of almond milk

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I plan on making Turkey Burgers and roasted sweet potato fries for dinner tonight over a bed of spinach topped with avocados so I'll make some extra for lunches if I want to switch it up a bit. My girls also eat this for lunch. 

I have all my dinners planned for the week, grocery shopping done, and i'm confident for the rest of the week. My goal is to really push hard in my workouts, drink m daily amount of water, and stay on track with my meal plan so I can really rock my results and feel GREAT! It's not just about having a nice body but feeling good. When I eat bad I feel sluggish and literally crud. Tummy aches and bloat. 

I really really love carbs so the fact that I have this all portioned out and I can't just grab a tortilla with PB for every meal (because I totally would) is the way I want it. I have a cruise coming up and I want to feel great in my Bikini. It's all about feeling CONFIDENT! Who doesn't want to feel this way!?!? It's worth it! 

Here are a few tips I can leave you with when you are meal prepping this week. 

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If you would like more tips like this you can always ask about my next challenge group to get you more support, accountability, motivation, tips, meal planning and more!!!|