Monday, February 17, 2014

Clean Eating Monday - Week worth of Clean Eating Dinner Recipes !!

So, I haven't done this in awhile but these clean eating dinner menu's are one of the most popular posts on my blog so I wanted to bring in this monday with a week full of clean eating dinners that you can use. Make big batches to have for lunches and be set up for the entire week. It's so important to eat 5-6 small meals a day so that you can keep your metabolism running and a FAT burning machine!!! I also like to follow the clean eating diet so most of my meals eliminate a lot of processed extras.

If you are looking to eat clean and don't know where to start I would love to help you!!

I know how frustrating it can be in the beginning when choosing what is "bad" vs "good"!

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This list may help you make some good choices when shopping. 

So here is a weeks worth of clean dinners Monday-Friday. I normally have ONE cheat meal a week or "happy" meal as I like to call it. Where I eat what I want. ONLY ONE MEAL though!! I enjoy it and then move on!! I don't crazy bingeing either. I simply just have a meal, glass of wine, dessert. Something along those lines.

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Here is a links to all the recipes on this list and they can be found on my blog under clean eating recipes

Monday - Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Meat Sauce I normally pair this with a spinach salad!! Spaghetti always tastes good with a good garden salad to pair it with. 

Tuesday- Clean Tomato Soup This is good ALLL on it's own!! SERIOUSLY! Amazing! 

Wednesday - Thai Chicken Meatballs This is one of my favorite meals and it totally feels like you are charting so watch your portion control here. 

Thursday - Creamy Taco Soup THE BEST!!! Try it NOW! 

Friday - Pita Pizzas Simple yet so delicious Top as many veggies as you want on this baby. I love adding feta instead of reg cheese along with mushrooms and spinach. 

I hope this helps give you a clean and healthy jump start this week. 

If you need any additional help or would like to join one of my challenge groups e-mail me here

Have a Happy & Healthy Monday!!!! 

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