Thursday, May 1, 2014

Clean Eating Meal Ideas - Clean Eating Made SIMPLE!

All the time I get people coming to me for ideas on what to have as snacks and breakfast that is clean and healthy. 

MOST of the time people are looking for breakfast ideas because of a few reasons. Ask your self which category you fit in? 

1. They Skip Breakfast and are looking for something quick to have. 

2. Don't have time to make breakfast in the morning so instead go through a drive through or grab donuts at the office. 

3. Aren't really sure what is healthy, clean, or good for you so they have cereal or pre packaged meals. 

So which one do you fit in!?!? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so seriously make sure you prep your breakfasts, wake up earlier to cook something, or invest in Shakeology
My favorite and what I recommend to all of my challengers for either Breakfast or Lunch!! Sometimes even DINNER! It's a nutrition, meal replacement, shake that is equal to over 7 trips to the salad bar but taste like desert!! 

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Lunch on the go!! Leftovers

So here are my breakfast ideas! I hope this helps you when you are meal planning for the week!! It's so important to eat right when you wake up to rev up your metabolism and get your body burning calories. 

Here are my Breakfast Go To's : 

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At lunch time I normally keep it pretty simple. I'll eat something left over from the night before. 
You can check out my clean eating recipes for dinner ideas. 
I also like to have salads with a lean protein for something quick

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A lot of people only eat 3 meals a day IF THAT! I have to tell you that you can just as much hurt your self by eating too much by not eating enough. Part of the reason you might not be losing weight but eating healthy is because you aren't eating enough. Snacks keep your metabolism going all day long to continue burning calories and building muscle. It also helps maintain your sugar levels and prevent you from overeating at meal time. 
I know that most offices keep a ton of goodies around and have vending machines but the biggest tip that I could give you is PACK YOUR MEALS AND SNACKS!! Stay away!! 
If you want to see results, feel better, have more energy, and live longer ... Pack your meals and eat clean! 

Here are my go to snack ideas!! 

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My favorite Quest Bar!! 

So sit down, make your plan, and get to prepping, and packing your meals. 
I hope this gives you some good ideas and you are able to keep it simple and clean!! 

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