Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catherine Zornes - Beachbody Coach Success Story

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I totally have to brag today on this TEAM FIT FIGHTER's Newest Diamond coach in only 68 days!!!! 
I do have to give you a little information so you know how AMAZING this just is and how proud I am of this beauty!! 

I am currently a Premiere 2 Star Diamond Beachbody coach and have been coaching for about 18 months. I have also developed my team called Team Fit Fighters and we are growing by leaps and bounds right now. It makes me so excited to be a leader on this team and know that I'm able to develop other leaders who are living the dream.

Being a Beachbody Coach is not just about running challenge groups and helping customers transform their lives with fitness programs and Shakeology, it's also about the coaches on my team who are going out there and helping others to transform their lives and make a positive influence on the people around them. 
Catherine is the most drive, passionate, and motivated person I have ever met. It really is no wonder that she is an amazing coach and and was able to earn Diamond status in only a little over 2 months AND earn herself a Free Ticket to Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas. She joined my team February 3rd and by mid April was a Diamond Coach. This is a status in Beachbody that some never make and she did it in only two months. Not only is she a coach but she is also a Mom of 3 and Military wife to a hubby that is gone several weeks to months at a time.  So, Now ... I want you to hear her story!! 

beachbody coach success story, diamond coach, success, top coach
"I have struggled since my first child was born (9years ago) with juggling the home life and working. There have been countless things I have missed in my children's life because I had to work and support my family. 

Not anymore! I have FINALLY found a happy medium where I can stay home and raise my babies all while focusing on my fitness and building my business. My husband commented on how happy I am now too! Beachbody has been a God send for my family and I want to share it with other people!!" 

beachbody transformation, insanity, coach success story

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I for my FREE Insanity shirt in the mail today!!! All because I dug deeper and completed the hardest workout I've ever done. Completing this was a huge accomplishment for me and has only pushed me to work harder. I earned it!! Can you earn it? Only if you put your mind to it. BOOM"

join my team, beachbody coach, work from home, success story
"Say hello to my new "work area"!! Working from home never felt so good."

"Becoming a Beachbody Coach was seriously by chance and I couldn't be happier with that decision. Honestly I wish I would have became one sooner. I will admit when I first started this journey I was scared I wouldn't succeed or that no one would want to have little ole me as their fitness coach but the support I get is so overwhelming. It really puts me in awe. I'm just a mom trying to get my sexy back." 

So now that you have heard Catherine's Story we want to invite YOU to join our team!! 

I seriously ENJOY every ounce of what I do but i'll tell you I mostly love helping OTHERS reach success from HOME just as I have. 

Why should YOU become a Coach!??! 

1. Take off some finical burden
3. Pay OFF debt!!
4. Earn some extra money to have FUN with for your family
5. Have daily fitness accountability
6. Earn a FULL TIME job Salary i'm talking (6+ figures)
7. Be a part of an AMAZING team and MOVEMENT to END the trend of Obesity!!
8. Have a BLAST with positive, uplifting, amazing people.
9. Grow as Person
10. Get your self a GOOD deal 

Here are some things you should think about before applying:

1. You my 100% commit to being present and complete ALL coach training assignments and agree to do things out of your comfort zone. - It's only a 5-10 min daily commitment!

2. You must be READY to get in the BEST shape of your life using Beachbody programs.


I'm 100% committed to helping you become successful, shorting your learning curve, and sharing everything i've learned over the last 17 months to MASTER YOUR BUSINESS!!
This info is LIQUID GOLD ... and it's all given to you for FREE!

I'm investing MY TIME into you help create and establish your own at-home business. I do require that you MEET ME HALF WAY and work for your success as much as I do.

I have only been a coach for 18 months total I know exactly what it feels like to be a brand spanking new coach and I also know how to become successful in ONE YEAR but takes some at least 3 years to accomplish.

My income has continued to grow just doing what I love and truly making a difference. I take vacations and I am still earning .. I can work anywhere and anytime. I want to teach you how to live and do the same. 

join my team, beachbody success, successful coach, mentor, support, accountability

Do you want to join our team!?!? Complete the application below to schedule a call and see if this opportunity is right for you. 

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