Monday, April 28, 2014

P90X3 Week 1 and Meal Plan

Yep, I've been in a complete funk when it's come to working out and eating clean. I guess we all go through these times but the thing is we have two choices - We can either decide to gripe, complain, and keep telling ourselves how "fat" we are and lazy .. then do NOTHING about it. OR you can get up and decide that you have had ENOUGH and it's time to take Action.

So that's what i'm doing, I'm throwing away the old "i'm fat" crud that is stuck in my head these last few weeks and making PROGRESS! I can't erase the past few weeks of doing good and then binging circle i've been going through but I can pick up where I am today and decide that I'm done and ready to move on.

We will never be perfect! There will be weekends we totally blow it and there may even be weeks but the moment you decide that you are WORTH so much more and aren't going to let the little set back ruin you, is when you have finally made it. You have made it a LIFESTYLE!! You can get out of those funks and get back up and go again.

Something I want you to remember :

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So let's get up and DECIDE to be HEALTHIER, FITTER, AND FASTER!! <3 

This week I decided that I'm ready to LIFT HEAVY and commit to 90 days of P90X3 using the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guidelines. I really love this system and plan on continuing it. 

So How do you get your week straight and get back on track!?!? Here are my simple tips to planning out your week. 

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Plan Your Week Out!! 
Open a can of whup ass on your insecurities, your fears, your excuses and time management issues and WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAN OF ATTACK for YOURSELF for the week ahead.
1. Workouts you're going to do and days you are doing them
2. Goals to accomplish with clean eating and HOW you're doing it (i.e. 5 days of clean eating so I can earn my Saturday when my friends are in town. I'm meal prepping for the week tonight)
3. Personal goals to complete by the end of 2014 - one thing I can do to get closer THIS WEEK.


This week has been super busy for me! I'm creating a whole 21 day meal plan, grocery list, and step-by-step prepping instructions for my upcoming challenge group. I'm super excited about it. If you are interested in joining you can fill out an application HERE !! 

So here it goes Week 1 and my commitment to stick with it!! 

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I'm replacing those 21 Day Fix workouts with P90X3 - Classic Schedule!! **

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Eggs with Toast and Salad. One of my favorites

So I chose to do the Classic version of P90X3 because I wanted to create some lean muscle. Im really ready to slim down and tone my body up all over and I feel like lifting heavy is totally the ticket. Remember people Lifting increase your metabolism and the more you lift the more calories you burn!!

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I'm ready to take action!! 

So it's time to take action and really CRUSH this week!! 

Here is The Week 1 and the start of Block 1 : 

Day 1:  Total Synergistics
Day 2:  Agility X
Day 3:  X3 Yoga
DAy 4:  The Challenge
Day 5:  CVX
Day 6:  The Warrior
Day 7:  Rest or Dynamix

I've seen friends get amazing results with this program and it has inspired me to totally bring it and give it ALL I GOT!! So it's TIME, it's game on!!! I'm ready to put every ounce of energy into these workouts so that I can get the best results. I have just under 2 months until I will be on stage at Summit in Las Vegas and I'm ready to feel my best and most confident. Yes, as Beachbody Coaches we live our life from Event to Event!! They challenge us to give it our all and it also gives us a deadline to get it DONE! So i'm human, I totally ate pizza this weekend and Ice cream and i'm ready to get on track and really push myself. I am finding a few healthy substitutions to my cravings and keeping it clean and healthy these next 50 some odd days. Game face ON #fitfam 

Oh and if you need a AMAZING and healthy dessert for those after dinner cravings TRY THIS!! Seriously SO good and guilt free!! 

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