Monday, January 21, 2013

Ashley's Brazil Butt Lift Transformation

Today marks the end of my Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Group and WOW did we get some amazing results. All of these ladies pushed through and are now one step closer to being bikini ready just in time for summer.
Summer bodes are made in the WINTER!!!

Ashley Katz had amazing success in my challenge group that she has now decided to pay it forward as a Beachbody coach and inspire others to feel confident in their own skin!

She went from 124 lbs - 117 and completely toned her whole body!!! Ashley works full time and is a Momma of a little boy named, Stephen and if she can do it, YOU CAN TO!!! Don't ever settle for less!! Your dreams can come true too!!!

In honor of her graduating and starting this new life of inspiring and helping other people we are going to co run a Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Group! This will be a closed Facebook group where you will join other women doing the same program. We all start together and finish together. You will have Ashley and I to support you through this journey. We will help you with meal plans, teach you how to eat clean, share recipes, motivate you, hold you accountable, and help you through the whole program. In the challenge group you will commit to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology! I can't rave enough about Shakeolgy and what is has done for my life. This shake has it all. It contains over 70 super foods and is equivalent to 5 trips to the salad bar. I now have more natural energy, my immune system is stronger, and I crave less junk. PLUS, it taste like a chocolate milk shake. I'm a chocolate lover ... :) Shakeology does come in many flavors to please all different tastes.

These challenge groups don't only focus on the physical but also what is on the inside. We are here to transform your life mentally and physically through this journey.

Bikini Season is right around the corner! Don't miss out on this!!

Challenge starts February 4th. Message me today to reserve your spot


  1. This does not look good for her. She's so thin her rib cage looks like its gonna rip out of her torso...

    1. If you don't have any decent or useful input, then please do us all a favor and keep your two cents. I applaud this woman on her hard work and dedication to her health and she looks fabulous.

  2. You are entitled to your opinion but assure you she is not skin and bones. She works out daily, eats clean, and trains hard!! She did it the healthy way and most of all FEELS BETTER!!