Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 11 & 12

Day 11 was another crazy busy day! We had a huge load of our household goods that was coming and and my daughter had dance class. So this Ultimate Reset Momma was a cooking, unpacking, and taxi service machine.

Morning was my usual fruit breakfast and was just as amazing as the previous days. Hubby was directing the team that brought our stuff and I was taking care of the kids. I took my kiddos into the kitchen and cooked me some Quinoa pilaf & a Salad. Which I wasn't sure about .. but actually turned out to be one of my favorites that I plan on having from now on after the reset. These recipes will definitely carry on with me. They have all been so good.

Once I finished with lunch my daughter and I sat on the couch and watched a movie together. After her movie is was time for dance class. So I got her ready, I had my smart water in hand, and we headed out the door. Her class is ballet and tap and it was 55 mins long.

Once class ended it was time to go home. Help with some unpacking and then it was time for dinner. I was so tired for the long day that all I had was a Vegan Chocolate Shakeology for dinner. This may or may not have been right but I was so tired. I just wanted to crawl in to bed. 

Day 12 consisted of me cleaning out some closets and eating whatever was left in the fridge that I had made that week. This week was really a blur and I felt amazing as far as energy goes ... so I put it to good use and went to work on unpacking our house and cleaning out closets. 

I also stepped on the scale first thing when I woke up and had a nice surprise of 10 lbs LOST!! I like to use the word GONE because I do NOT plan on putting these lbs back on. 

Fruit plate for Breakfast as usual. I cut up a green apple, strawberries, and added some green grapes. LOVE IT. I do not complain at Breakfast time. 

Lunch was pinto beans and rice and a side salad. I tend to be starving by the time lunch comes up so I am eating half of it while i'm making the other half. So didn't get a picture of the salad. I've been on the go this week and it's been a bit crazy but I made it work and powered through. 

Dinner was left over Quinoa Pilaf & Steamed Veggies. Totally hit the spot! After Dinner I got my kids bathed and in bed. Then it was time for me to get to work and work on my coaching duties. I wouldn't change my life for the world though. Love what I do. This reset has been amazing and even though i've been busy ... i've enjoyed every ounce of it, even through the tough times. 

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