Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 9 & 10 of The Ultimate Reset

As Day 9 & 10 approach so does the Release of all my emotions. I was an emotional wreck for these few days. I was crying over everything and just felt the need to be down in the dumps. I talked with the other ladies in my group doing this journey with me and they felt the same. We were all emotional and just cry babies. So, it's totally normal and it's just your body releasing all the negative fun stuff in your body. Yes, you might go through a lot of changes in this process but I can say that it is totally worth every experience because you are discovering yourself in so many different ways and proving to yourself that you CAN go through with this program and YOU CAN complete it.

Day 9 was a day of unpacking. We just moved to Honolulu, Hawaii because my husband is in the Air Force. We live on Hickam AFB. We had one load come just a week before and had an OVERLOAD of stuff. So we had to unpack some boxes only to make room for another load that was coming in only a few more days. So Sunday was a busy day! Not only did I have to unpack but I had assignments for the class i'm taking online due the next day. The life of a Mother, Military Wife, Beachbody Coach, & Full time Student - phew!! :) I love it though and wouldn't change it for the world.

Day 9's meals looked a little like the day before. I'm someone who can eat the same thing over and over again. I had a fresh fruit plate for breakfast. However, I did wake up to a nice little surprise on the scale.

I am so excited to say that I officially lost 9lbs in 9 Days. UH! I feel amazing too .. a little emotional and stressed from all the craziness but extremely happy with the way my body feels and the weight loss. 

Day 9 was a repeat in meals of Day 8. I had a salad for lunch and Pinto beans and rice for dinner with Steamed veggies. 

Day 10 & Monday Morning! I had some errands that needed to be ran because the next day I have a Health and Wellness fair i'm attending and needing to get things in order for that. 
The girls and I woke up that morning - Had our usual fruit plates of a sliced green apple, green grapes, and sliced strawberries. It was delicious of course. I did some cleaning and then we loaded up in the car. I was in need of some vegan shakeology due to my major sweet tooth. It was getting BAD and I was really missing my Shakeology. What can I say - I'm addicted. I also was leading our team call that evening and needed to prep for that, as well as finish up my assignment for class. BUSY BUSY BUSY MONDAY! :) 

After coming home from our journey to Waikiki that took 1 1/2 hours with traffic. I took my supplements and got my lunch ready. Lunch again was leftover pinto beans and rice and a side salad. I already had it ready so I ate it quickly and prepped for my team call. 

Since, I got my vegan shakeology - I thought I'd break those bad boys in and I had me one for a snack. YUM YUM YUM! I highly recommend getting the vegan chocolate shakeology. It's amazing! 

Dinner was nothing short of amazing and was the delicious Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potatoes Soup. I will be posting this recipe to my blog soon. It's THAT GOOD! 

So - THIS DOES NOT SUCK!! The Ultimate Reset is not a starvation diet what so ever!! Loving the food. I'm eating delicious food & LOOSING WEIGHT! What more could a girl want? 

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