Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Team Fit Fighters Weight Loss Transformations

Hey Fit Fam!! So I wanted to do a little post today on some transformations going on over here in our challenge groups. I mean seriously, they are killing it!!! We just finished up our last week of Piyo and I am loving the results that have been submitted to me. I am too excited to share with you. 

In my challenge groups we focus on clean eating. Every day we post our sweaty pictures, motivate each other, and hold each other accountable. We all start and finish together. I really focus on helping the ladies who join me create a LIFESTYLE instead of just a quick fix. That's why we post our menu plans weekly, talk about batch cooking, meal prepping, and grocery shopping weekly so that everything is planned out for the week ahead. I totally get that life can be busy and that is one of the main reasons many don't commit to a new healthy lifestyle. I'm here to tell you that my challengers are made up of all kinds of people and many work full time and have several kids but they still make it happen and they get AMAZING results!?!? WHY NOT YOU!??! 

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It just takes a little commitment, dedication, and consistency. You don't have to do it alone. You can join my amazing community of positive uplifting people where I share all of my tips and tricks to how I reached my own personal success!! IF you haven't heard my personal story, I would love to share it with you. 

Over this last year and 1/2 I have had this amazing job that has allowed me to watch people transform mentally and physically right before my eyes. 

It's been the most rewarding thing I've ever been apart of and the best part is It's MY JOB! I get paid to do this!! Not only do I get to watch others transform but I get to watch MYSELF transform. The principals that I have learned, drinking shakeology daily, and doing my workout programs has also allowed me to transform myself. Over the past 2 years I've transformed and went from an unhealthy, sluggish, depressed size 13 to a happy, healthy, fit, and confident size 4. Again, this is my JOB!! I earn money just by sharing my own results and inspiring others to do the same. I've learned how to turn FITNESS into a BUSINESS!

It is so humbling to find your true passion in life, help others, and work on yourself all at the same time as earning an income for your family.
Whatever your goals are do it with PASSION, do it FEARLESS, and be FIERCE!! You have the power to be whatever you want to be.
So blessed to daily watch these amazing transformations and be apart of so many amazing lives.
I'm never LOOKING back ...

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Enough about ME I want to share with you some awesome results!!! 

The first little lady is Alissa Tarner -- Now a coach on my team. She started her journey with the 21 day fix and from then on went to Piyo. She had a baby not even a year ago and her tummy is looking AWESOME. I know you momma's can relate about how happy you are to have your little one but you just aren't digging what you are seeing in the mirror. I felt the same way. 

21 day fix transformation, new mom weight loss transformation, before and after picture
Alissa's 21 Day Fix Transformation

Amazing right!??! But she doesn't stop there, she goes on to 60 days of Piyo and ends up with this 

Piyo Transformation, before and after, weight loss transformation
Alissa's Piyo Transformation

NOW that is amazing!!! I am so proud of her!!! She has transformed right before my eyes. She is an amazing coach and has truly put in the work to get the results. 

I have another amazing challenger and coach, Kyla Senecal who has amazing results. When I met her she had a 4 month old little baby boy. She was working hard to loose the baby weight but was looking to improve her eating and also fell in love with the idea of doing Piyo to add in with her running. I went to the beach with her the other day and couldn't keep my eyes off her tummy. It was SMOKING. She has seriously done amazing. Her baby boy is now 9 months old and she is looking awesome but most of all is a wonderful example of health and fitness to her two little boys. That's really the most important above all is breaking the chain of obesity and bad habits. Every Mom wants nothing more then the best for their kids. 

Piyo Transformation, before and after, weightloss transformation
Kyla's Piyo Transformation

Look at that amazing tummy!!! 

Super proud of each and every person who just graduated from my Piyo challenge group. They all seriously killed it. They were engaged the full 60 days and it paid off. I know it's not always easy but when you surround yourself with a community who is always there to get you back on track, success is so much easier. 

I want to offer that to you. My next challenge group is September 22nd and I only have 5 spots to fill. 

Fill out the application below if you would like to join us!! I will help you get your program and everything you need. 

You can also add me on FB and shoot me a message anytime HERE

Your after picture is waiting!!! 

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