Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Final Week of PIYO - Meal Plan and Progress

Piyo meal plan and progress

Alright so I'm officially DONE with PIYO!! I'm sure you are wondering what I thought and what my results were. I have to admit that I wasn't super strict with my portions so I didn't get the results I hoped for but I will say that my core is SO much more stronger. My abs feel AMAZING!! 

Here is PROOF

Piyo results
Piyo Results

It's crazy to think how far I've come in my journey since just starting out 2 years ago. I've some so far and with each and every Beachbody program that I do, I get closer and closer to my goals. Of course once you get down to loosing the last few pounds it starts getting tougher. That's why I totally plan on getting back on it with the 21 day fix and getting my portions in check. I do plan on having a little pumpkin here and there after my strict 21 days but I will be mindful of my portions. Instead of gaining inches this holiday season i'm keeping what I got and loosing a few, too!! That's what I love about this whole thing. Is that whatever my goals are I can just pull a program off the self and
 ROCK IT OUT! I never have to second guess exactly what I should be eating, how much, or what workouts I should be doing. I have it all here and the support of my challenge groups!! 

I'm telling you...... Once you join one of my challenge groups and discover the awesomesuace of Beachbody products you ain't ever going back!! :) 

If you are looking for a coach and a support system. Add me on Facebook HERE and send me a message. I would love to help you form your meal plan, get you the support you need, and help your workout program!! 

Anyways, enough about THAT!! 

Oh yea ..... Let me share with you my before and after picture

It's CRAZY!! 

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So this is what the workouts are this week. I decided to finish up on week 7 and get going with the 21 Day Fix since I have exactly 21 days until Beachbody Leadership in Scottsdale, AZ. Pretty excited to shape and tone up. I know the fix will do it. Piyo gave me great results and I loved doing it. I totally feel a difference but I just partial to the 21 day fix. If you are interested in getting the Fix you should totally contact me so I can be your free coach and hook you up!! :) 

So here are week 7 workouts

Piyo week 7 schedule

Here is my meal plan that I used last week. Honestly is the only way a busy woman is going to stay on track. Whether you work full time, are a stay at home momma, or are just always on the go. You totally need to plan out your week for success. I even like to lay out my workout clothes ever night so I can just grab and go in the morning and get it knocked out. 

Planning is PLANNING FOR SUCCESS. Failure to PLAN is PLANNING FOR Failure! SO what's it going to be busy ladies!??! 

Let's PLAN 

Here is mine 

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All of these recipes can be found in my clean eating tab. 

I'm telling you the Quinoa Enchilada Bake is AMAZING! Try it. 
If you are doing the fix it counts as 1 Red and 1  Yellow!! 

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I love Piyo and plan on mixing it up with other programs in the future to keep my core in tune and my flexibility. 

I enjoyed this workout so much and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a low impact workout but AMAZING results. 

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It's totally time to rock some 21 days of the FIX!! I'll be blogging about that next week and sharing my before pictures. It's ON!! Game face is officially LOCKED! 

Repeat after me 

Now go out there and make it happen!! We are in this together, RIGHT!?!?