Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Woman's T25 and 21 Day Fix Transformation Story

Woman's T25 Transformation Story, T25, Change, Support
T25 Program 

Meet Samantha, a challenger in team Fit Fighters challenge groups and now an Emerald Coach on my team. She lost  since January of this year. She started her journey with the T25 Challenge Pack. 60 days of T25 and Shakeology and these were her results. 

woman's T25 transformation story
T25 Woman's Transformation Story

"So the anticipation has been killing some of you more then me so here it is...down 35 lbs in 60 days. I started this as a spiritual journey and through prayer and most days only through prayer was I able to accomplish what I have this far. My journey is far from over but I am pushing forward. I am so ready for the next thirty" - Samantha 

This is seriously such  drastic change in pictures each month! We look at ourselves daily and even though the scale may not be moving change is happening. I'm telling you don't always measure you're success by the sale. Take pictures, compare them, and know that change is happening. We see ourselves daily and as we look in the mirror it's hard to see those changes that are occurring because they are little each day but in the end add up to be something big. 

After Samantha graduated T25 she moved on to the 21 Day Fix

woman's 21 day fix transformation story
21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Samantha was in our 21 day fix challenge group. Every day she was dedicated, committed, and engaged on a daily basis with the group. She checks in daily to hold herself accountable and has made a complete lifestyle change since joining the group. The last 3 days Samantha followed the 3 day quick fix that is included in the fix nutrition plan. I can say that it truly does work and gave that extra WOW factor at the end of her transformation. 

I know that many of you ask if these challenge groups and programs work. I also get asked if someone can really see results in only 21 days but when you see results like these from a real person and a body you can relate to it totally just assures that leap of faith. 

Samantha I'm so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. I know the process isn't easy but your HARD WORK is totally paying off. 

woman's 21 day fix transformation story
21 Day Fix Woman's Transformation Story

If you would like to be apart of my next 21 Day Fix Challenge Group please fill out the application below for the details. Be sure to check your SPAM folder for a reply. For quick response feel free to add me on Facebok at www.facebook.com/marlena.hedine and shoot me a message. 

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