Tuesday, April 8, 2014

21 Day Fix Transformations

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YEP ... It's #transformation tuesday people!! That means it's time to take a look at how all my 21 day fix challenge groups are doing and share with you some of their results. At one point I had about 4 Fix challenge groups going and ROCKING it out!! I love this program and it's totally changed so many of my challengers lives. It's crazy how much your body can change and respond in only 21 days when you are using portion control and clean eating. I think that most people think of when they hear the 21 day fix is "oh, that's just a QUICK FIX" well answer is NO. The principals taught in this program are principals you will always keep with you. You are being taught proper portion control and also gives you a variety of food to choose from to form balanced meals that your whole family will love. I make chicken and shrimp stir fry that the entire family loves, grilled fish, turkey burgers with sweet potatoes but am able to give myself the correct portions. I can even have my properly portioned wine. I love how EASY it is and it really is a great tool for anyone that is in need of some serious guidance in clean eating or wanting to learn how to use portion control.

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Not only do you get an amazing nutrition plan to get you on track but you also get 21 Days worth of 30 minute workouts that includes a schedule of exactly what to do. It's literally no brainer, you just have to #pressplay and do it. All you need to do is give me THREE MONDAYS, No need to spend hours in the gym. Just 30 minutes a day for 21 days. I seriously love Autumns workouts!! They totally keep me engaged, excited every time, and I am literally spent after most workouts. It really is a great workout in the amount of time you are given. There are all different levels to follow so that this program can really work for everyone. 

So how do people get such great results with this program !?!? Well when you combine a whole body workout program and a great nutrition plan PLUS the support/encouragement from my challenge groups you get amazing SUCESS!! I have some customers that have been in my challenge groups for at least 6 months lost 50 pounds but were stuck and weren't seeing results. Something had to change, and as soon as they started the fix ... BOOM 10 pounds lost! It seriously is great for getting out of those plateau's. I am seeing customers totally change their lifestyle, learn how to prep their meals, and really learn about proper nutrition. I enjoy the pictures they post daily and it really gives me chills to see how amazing this program is working for others. I got the chance to tell Autumn personally on the Success Club Trip how amazing her program has been working for my customers. My challengers don't just quit at day 21 most of them are doing it over and over again or pairing the nutrition plan up with other workout programs. It's really where their weight loss and healthy journey is beginning. 

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Today I want to share with you some results from my challengers and some of their clean eating posts that they are posting in my groups daily for extra accountability and support. 

21 day fix results, 21 day fix transformation, weight loss
Leslie's 21 Day Fix Results

So here we go, my 21 day fix results. drumroll please! -2 lbs & -20 1/2 inches total ta-da! I am pleased, puzzled and a little smarter about how my body works. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, inspiration and putting up with my many down days. I look forward to the next round. - Leslie H

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Meal posted by my challenger Lindsey O
Mmmm I love mexican food . This is 2 greens worth of romaine, tomato & green onions, 1 red with lean grass fed beef w/southwest seasoning, 1/2 yellow with black beans and salsa. - Lindsey Oswald

21 day fix results, 21 day fix transformation, weight loss
Missy's 21 Day Fix Results

21 day fix approved meals, 21 day fix, eat clean, eat healthy, meal plan
Missy's Meal Prep she shared in our group. 
Becka R 21 Day Fix - First Goal Reached. Down 2 pant sizes. 

I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I weighed in today and since last Sunday have lost 5.8 lbs!!!!!! I lovin this challenge! Can you say life change!!! - Becka 

Done with my workout! Probably going for a walk later too  making my shakeology and starting my day! 20 lbs down ( over all)! Still got lot more to go but I am DETERMINED!!!! I got this!!!!! - Becka

21 day fix transformation, 21 day fix results, transformation story, weight loss
Michelle Collins 21 Day Fix Results 

This transformation above is proof that just because these scale doesn't move does NOT mean that you aren't getting results. Michelle actually gained 3 pounds but lost inches obviously. Throw that scale away and realize that you are replacing muscle with fat and it weighs more!

21 day fix transformation, 21 day fix results, weight loss story
Dede's 21 Day Fix Transformation

I'm proud to say on my 21 day fix I lost 7.6lbs and 7" total!! Stoked!!! 
Before and after in the same outfit so I could tell the difference in the way they fit. - Dede

This lady above totally motivated the entire group and made amazing progress. I loved the meals that she posted and what she had to share with the group. She posted her accountability pictures and shared with us how she put her meals together. Here is an example below. 

21 day fix approved meal, 21 day fix meal plan, eat clean, support
21 Day Fix Approved Meal

Lunchtime!! Spinach, cherry toms, baby carrots, a fresh beet, a splash of yellow sweet pepper (3 green), feta cheese (1blue), baked chicken (recipe in the book, page 49- 1 red), and balsamic vinaigrette (page 56 and is delicious - 1 orange). Bon appetite! Oh and water! - Dede H

Im down to do another round. I feel great...I love the portion control and that the "diet" doesnt leave me starving. I feel like when that happens your more likely to stray from the plan. - Chasity

21 day fix approved, eat clean, portion control
21 Day Fix approved meal

Each of these challengers committed to following the 21 Day program using the nutrition plan, workout plan, and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology. Most of my challengers decided on doing another round of The 21 Day Fix or have decide to use the Fix nutrition plan and start a new Beachbody program. 

Super excited for them to continue their journey. 

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