Monday, April 7, 2014

Beachbody Success Club Trip : S.S. Beachbody Cruise

Boarding the SS Beachbody with an Awesome Welcome!! 

So I've been back from my cruise a week now and you are probably wondering where the heck I went. Well, I'm here!! Just trying to get back in the groove things. Let's face it .. I got LAZY while on vacation and disconnected from the world. It was just what I needed, some good quality time with the husband and my team. We had so much fun!! I'm sure you are wondering how I kept on track with workouts and eating and the truth is I totally let loose. I did choose healthy choices but also had some not so good choices. I ditched the french fries and fried food during lunch and breakfast was normally eggs and turkey bacon or Shakeology. Dinner was SPLURGES but totally worth it. The food was amazing. We also may have had some mid night pizza with the gang after a night of fun but the good thing is, I totally know how to get back on track and it's okay to let loose every now and then. I did keep it in moderation and portion controlled because I did not want to feel like crud the entire trip. I will say the last day my body totally took a toll and was ready for my clean eats. Every morning we had workouts on the ship deck or studio with Autumn Calabrese {{Creator of 21 Day Fix}}, Shaun T, and Tony Horton.

What made this trip SO AWESOME was I earned this trip 100% because of my passion for helping others achieve their goals either through my challenge groups or helping my team of coaches succeed, financially. I earned my self a spot in the top of the company of over 140,000 coaches as a Premiere Coach. Being Premiere means that I am focused on my goals and my teams success, growth, and development in this business. 

I walked into our ocean view balcony room, a letter stating we had $1,000 spending money because of me committing to reaching Success 10 every month last year, and a gift from Beachbody on my bed. I seriously felt so special. Honestly, there aren't many companies that reward their employees in this way and I would be here even if I didn't make a dime but It feels so good to be recognized for your accomplishments. My husband repeated several times through out the cruise that he has been in the Air Force for 15 years and the only thing he gets is a pat on the back.

Premiere Coach Gift Waiting for Me

The first night of the cruise was Bombshell Blue night. The entire team wore our famous blue color so that we could easily find each other. We met at the Karaoke Bar for a night of singing and bonding. It was such a fun first night on the ship and I loved getting to see everyone and just have relax and have fun. 

Representing the Bombshell Dynasty

Bombshells and Bombers
Always a good time with these beautiful ladies

 The first full day of the cruise I woke up a little late {{whoops}} Scrambling to get to Autumn's 21 Day Fix Workout at 7:30 am. I wasn't able to meet anyone because I was late but I still rocked it out by myself on the stairs and afterwards the top 500 to reach SC 10 before the cruise was able to free autographed swag from Autumn and a picture. Autumn is the newest trainer added to the beachbody team and she is truly making a difference 

This program has changed my life and my customers lives. I have known how to eat clean but portion control is where most of us struggle, including myself. This program makes it easy to get on track with your nutrition. If you have been thinking about getting this program, I highly suggest getting it. It is totally worth it. I would love to be your coach through this program and add you to my challenge group. Just ask me and I'll help you get the support you need to start and finish. 

21 Day Fix Workout

The crew after we got our picture with Autumn

After our morning workout session we all decided we wanted a day to just lay by the pool, sun bathe, and have drinks with umbrellas in them. {{take me back please}} 

Lovely Dream Team and Bombshell photo op on the deck

Tuesday night was formal night. It was so fun to get all dressed up and go to dinner with great friends. The food was delicious and the dessert was to die for. YES!! We totally had dessert but we agreed on sharing. 

Fancy Smancy 

Wednesday morning workout was some Pilates action with my girl Autumn and my two besties {{thanks to Beachbody}},Jaclyn and Shannon. Sounds like a perfect morning to me!! :)


Wednesday was our first day at port in sunny Cozumel. Our team decided on a team excursion at Playa Maya Beach Water Park. The food was awesome, the sun was amazing, and the company was even better. 

Hubby and I in Cozumel

Cozumel, Mexico Team Excursion 
Amazing Grand Caymans Excursion 

Thursday my husband {{Spencer}} and I decided to break away from the team and go on our own excursion. We got on a beautiful boat, shared some rum punch, snorkeled, and saw some amazing huge starfish just chilling in the water. It was seriously an amazing day and the water was beautiful.


Thursday night was white party night. We got dressed up and headed to dinner and then out to a cocktail party by the pool. 

Friday Night was 70's night and the Premiere Party. Beachbody set up an amazing dessert bar for all premiere coaches and their guests. This is where we had the chance to get pictures with the celebrity trainers like Autumn Calabrese and Tony Horton. It was seriously one of the best nights I've had in a long time. We were able to joke around with Tony and dance the night away with Autumn. Beachbody knows how to show their coaches a good time. This was my favorite night on the ship and Carl {{The CEO}} Gave a wonderful speech and really made us feel special for being premiere coaches. 

Here are some pictures to show you just how much fun we had that night. 


Fun with good friends, Kalleigh and her Husband, Tim. 

Last day on the cruise we mini golfed {{well tried, and decided tanning sounded better}}, napped, and soaked in the sun shine together. 

The great thing about Beachbody is it brings people into your life that you normally wouldn't meet and sometimes they become your best friends. I can honestly say these are the type of people that I choose to surround myself with, go on vacations with through out the year, and chat for hours on the phone with. I grew up thinking that my life didn't matter. I was picked on, made fun of, and just about everyday I would dread lunch time because I had to worry about who I would sit with or If I would have to sit alone again. I was able to connect with another coach who went through the same things growing up. It has scared me emotionally to this day and since joining this amazing team I have felt like I am finally apart of something. It's the best feeling ever to know that you are apart of something that matters and have the best people beside you. 

Above our the coaches that make up my team, not all of them, but a good group of us that were all able to make it to this amazing trip. If it wasn't for my coach who decided to shut down the people who didn't believe in her, the people that said Shakeology was too expensive, or that they would rather workout in the gym none of us would be there and I wouldn't be writing this right now. 

If it wasn't for my coach I wouldn't of helped the 100's of people and counting that I've been able to help battle obesity, depression, high blood pressure, ect. I wouldn't be building an amazing team of my own that is going out there and doing the same thing I'm doing. The late night hours and early mornings put into growing my team are all worth it because I know that I am just a ripple in the big EFFECT. 

I sat right in the same spot as you wondering "What If ... I can make it to the top ... I can build a successful team ..  I can help others loose weight and change their life... I can make an impact ... I can make it to star diamond ...

So now that i'm 18 months into coaching I'm here to tell you .... YES YOU CAN!! 

Don't sit there and wonder and let FEAR talk you out of it. I am so blessed for every opportunity and person that this "job" has brought into my life and I can't wait till I am able to bring my team with me to Cancun next year. #dreamsdocometrue #dreambig #cancun2015 

Will you be with us!??! 

If you would like to join my team and join us next year in Cancun fill out the application below. 

Not only that but you will be a RIPPLE ... you have the opportunity to make an impact on the people around you.