Monday, March 25, 2013

Ready to Lean OUT & get READY for SUMMER!?!?

So.. Let's break it down and keep it REAL! I've noticed that many of you struggle with getting your meal plans together and figuring out what you can and can't eat. I get that!! I actually found my specific coach when I was googling "clean eating". I had NO idea where to start or HOW to form a meal plan. I was LOST. She gave us some tips and shared her meal plans (which I NOW do) but it would of been SO NICE to have a meal plan created for me my first month during the challenge so that I could get a good idea on where to go from there.

I really do like letting my customers and challengers LEARN how to create their own but I decided to do something SPECIAL for this next challenge STARTING APRIL 8TH!!! Another coach and I are going to team up together and create the perfect meal plan for you along with some recipes. It will be the perfect combo to get you the BEST results. Of course you will have to adjust the portions according to your weight and program you are using but since we know the jist of what you will be eating we can guarantee you the BEST results. We will work closely with you and teach you the clean eating principals and share our tips and recipes in our Secret Challenge Group through Facebook.

I'm SO excited about this opportunity that I get to offer you and I'm only Taking the first FIVE! These will be the ELITE FIVE because I have NEVER offered this type of service until NOW!

Let's roll back to where I started. I had my second baby 16 months ago. Before having my baby girl I was a size 8 and was pretty content with my body. Of course like every girl I wanted to loose those last 10-15lbs.
I was always searching for the EASY fix though - The magic Pill, The diet plan, the workout, the perfect cream ... but let me let you in on the little secret ... THERE IS NO EASY FIX!! It's HARD work and DEDICATION and BEACHBODY workouts WORK and Shakeology has given me the nutrition that my body needed and it was a great stepping stone on teaching me how to eat clean. It's the one meal I don't even have to think about.

After having my baby girl I gained 40lbs. It was a HUGE SHOCK to go from weight 130-135lbs to 175. I about fainted. I'm only 5'4'' and was just SHOCKED! None of my clothes fit, I was depressed and cried daily.

I decided to get my booty to the gym when she was 3 months old. I went and worked my booty off but wasn't really seeing the results. I was eating healthier and trying to make the best choices I could but I just wasn't getting anywhere.

So I joined a challenge group and decided that I was going to give Shakeology a try and TurboFire. Over 90 days I lost 40 lbs and was in a size 6. Because of continuing with Shakeology I am now in a size 4.

I learned how to eat clean and what WAS and WASN'T good for me to eat. Over the process I learned so much about Nutrition and what I needing to fuel my body for the BEST results. I want to give that to you. I KNOW that you can do this!! Nutrition plays a HUGE role in your success.  I'm here to support you and push you to success. I want to provide you with everything that you need to succeed and be in those shorts and bikini's in time for summer.

Here is an Example Day in the meal plan you can expect to get when joining this SPECIAL challenge:

Breakfast: One serving or Shakeology, 8oz of Unsweetned Almond milk, 8oz of water, handful of ice, pb2 or all natural pb and Blend. 

AM Snack: 1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt, drizzle of honey, and a handful of blueberries. 

Lunch: Chicken, Apple, and Hummus Pita

  1 Small 4-inch whole wheat pita
  2 Tbsp Hummus
  3 oz of grilled chicken breast
 1/4 small green apple, sliced 
 2 Tbsp Chopped red onion 
 1/4 cup baby spinach leaves 
 Open Pita, spread hummus, thin layer of chicken, onion, apple, and spinach 
 PM Snack: 1 Celery Stalk, 1tbs of all natural PB, and 5 raisins 

  Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore 
  4 oz Chicken Breasts 
  4 medium zucchini, cut into 1- inch pieces 
  1 medium onion, cut up into wedges 
  26 oz tomato sauce 
  1 12 oz box whole wheat rotini pasta 
  Place the first three ingredients into a slow cooker. 
  Pour in the sauce. Cook  for 8 hours on low, or 4 hours on high. 
  Prepare the pasta as per the box directions.
  Serve 1 cup of Chicken mixture over 1 cup of pasta. 

I'll be doing it right along with you. I have exactly 12 weeks till My Beachbody Summit Trip to Vegas and i'm ready to CRUSH IT! So join me!! Let's do this together.

So are you with me!? It's right after Easter and it's the perfect time to get things together just in time for summer.

Where - YOUR HOUSE!!!

When - Monday April 8th

Contact me HERE ASAP to reserve your spot and added to the secret challenge group.

You are required to join my challenge group and commit to posting daily. My services and training are FREE, but i do require some control so that I can guarantee your weightloss success in the 30 days working close with me and Alyson.
Shakeology is a requirement and you have the option of getting a new workout program and getting a discounted challenge bundle package which includes both a new workout of your choice and a 30 day supply of shakeology at a lower price.

And just for a little PROOF, below is a picture of a current challenger who is doing Slim in Six and Shakeology. She is eating clean and has been staying in close contact through the challenge group.

** Remember this is the last WEEK to lock in the current shakeology price before it goes up $10 next month. If you get Shakeology Home Direct you are locked in at the current price until you cancel. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THSI OFFER!

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