Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to enjoy a HEALTHY & HAPPY Easter!


Can you seriously believe that it's already EASTER? Weren't we just talking New Years Resolutions and Little Black Dresses? 
Wow, It really is true what they say "As you get older, the time will go faster". I swear my parents told me that all the time and I didn't believe them. I was too worried about the time going faster and GROWING UP!

This Easter I plan to STAY ON TRACK! In my previous life I would of been all over this holiday chowing down on a handful of candy about every 15 minutes, enjoying several glasses of wine, and chowing down on some serious FOOD! NOPE, that's the old me. Yes, I still enjoy my favorites but I pick and choose what is most important to me. I work too hard to let all of it go down the drain.

I have some tips for you to keep you on track this holiday but still be HAPPY! You can be HEALTHY & HAPPY! I PROMISE! It's all about what you really want. So, if you tell me that you really want to look good in that bikini this summer, you really want to loose weight, and you really want to feel more confident - WELL THEN!?!? Don't OVER DUE IT! It can add up VERY quickly and before you know it you will be 5 lbs of bloat!

Let's avoid the bloat this year, enjoy of a few of our favorites, but still have a happy & healthy holiday.

1. Savor and enjoy each and every bite. It is a Holiday and I totally understand that. I love to have a few holiday treats as well. I'm human & I LOVE FOOD but sometimes you just have to pick and choose and not over indulge. Enjoy your Holiday. Have that glass of wine!! Depriving yourself is only going to leave you crashing and can lead to emotional eating. You need to have those cheats every now and then - They are good for you .. but with in reason. Limit them & Plan them out. Enjoy Life!

2. Tweak your family traditions! Most of us like those spiral baked hams loaded with sodium!! Yes, they are just as good but you could change up the family traditions for something just as tasty but healthier. You can still keep up with the family tradition just cook up a pork roast. You can season the roast your self and your sodium intake will be cut in HALF!

3. When going over to families pot luck brunch/lunch/dinner bring your own healthy options so that
you are never left feeling like you are FORCED to eat what is set out. Know that you are always in control and you don't have to bring that fatting dish everyone is asking you to bring. This will give you a healthy snack option and you can leave the guilt at the door. I like to bring veggies and hummus to get togethers or a fruit platter.

4. When it comes down to dessert choose the one with out the crust. You can still enjoy your dessert just cut some of the calories and fat by omitting the crust. Bake some fresh apples in the oven with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a bit of butter. You are still getting that sweet apple taste with out all the extras and you aren't setting yourself back with your results. Add a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt to top it off.

5. Do not weight yourself before and after a big holiday event. Seriously, step off that scale RIGHT NOW! Okay, so you had a few glasses of wine and you weren't perfect that does not mean that you have completely failed and you instantly gained back the 20 lbs that you lost. NO, it doesn't work like that. If you eat clean 90% of the time that 10% is NOT going to hurt you. Enjoy your holiday, drink
plenty of water, and go by how your clothes feel. If you feel like they are a bit snug - No big deal. Give it a few days to let the bloat down, chug the water, pull out the clean eats, & get right back on track.

6. Hide that easter candy and after the party THROW IT OUT! You don't want to keep it in the house. It's only setting you up for temptations. If it's your kids candy limit them to some and toss the rest. No one needs that much candy. Don't keep a candy bowl around right in front of the door where you are greeting guests. It's only going to leave you to keep sticking your hand in the bowl. In fact, don't leave candy out at all. We have enough desserts and sugar drinks. April 1st - TOSS THE CANDY IN THE TRASH and say GOOD BYE! It's not worth it.

7. Where fitting clothing. When you where baggy clothing you tend not to care what you eat as much. Where something fitting and you sure are going to notice as you start to over do it. I'm not telling you to go in your closet and pick the tightest dress you own .. I'm simply saying where something fitting and comfortable BUT avoid wearing those baggy shirts and pants. The loser that your clothing is the greater chance of over eating and over indulging simply because you feel hidden. Show off that body you have worked so hard for and maintain it :)

Now go out and have a wonderful Easter and remember what it's all about. This is a time for family, thanking Jesus, and thanking God for giving his only son, so that we will forever be forgiven!!

I hope each of you have a blessed Easter and come back Monday STRONG and ready to CRUSH IT and get back on track.