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Hello All!! Can you believe it's MARCH Already!?!?!? I seriously feel like time is going by just way to fast. Wasn't it just January 1st and we were all brining in the New Year together? Where did these last 2 months go? Let's slow them down a bit because I have little ones and I want to keep them little FOREVER. Okay, I know that's not possible but SERIOUSLY! It's breaking my heart. It's true when they say as you get older the years go by faster. It seems like when I was younger time went by so SLOW!

I am SO excited for my current challengers though .. as the time passes they are seeing AWESOME results. Gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment and I'm so overjoyed for all the hard work they have put in. Its already been nearly 60 days into 2013 and My first Challenge Group has only 30 days left of their 12 week Journey. YIKES! I have chills thinking about how far they have come. I'm proud to say that one of my challengers lost 22lbs in 60 days!! How stinkin' amazing is that! 22 WHOLE POUNDS & now fitting into a size 4. It's just AWESOME!

Now to get down to business with some awesome deals for you this month! We are calling this MARCH MADNESS in the Dream Team! It's Spring time & it's starting to warm up outside. Spring break is only a few weeks away and it's time to get down to business. Time to turn up the heat - Literally!! HA .. & GET TO IT! If you aren't happy with where you are at .. Then let's change that. You have about 90 days till Summer. Plenty of time to totally change your body & feel CONFIDENT in those shorts & that bikini. Days at the beach, lake, pool parties, & family vacations is upon us. I know I don't want to be covered up - So I'm ready to bring it & I'm ready to bring YOU with me.

SO with that said - I have an AWESOME deal for you this month ... As well as Beachbody is offering some awesome deals that I can't wait to share with you. It's the month of madness I say!

So are you ready to FINALLY DO IT! Finally bear that Bikini and feel confident. Are you ready for something that is going to become a lifestyle and not just a QUICK FIX! Today most of us just want the weight gone in an instant. We think that we can go on a 3 day STARVATION Diet and then just fit back into those shorts. I'm sorry but it didn't take 3 days to put on and it's going to take longer to take off. I know DIETS are hard but i'm not asking you to DIET ... I'm asking you to change your LIFE! What if I told you that you could still enjoy your favorite foods, enjoy life, and loose weight? Well that's what my challenges are about. Finding foods that you and your family can enjoy, eating clean food, and creating healthy habits.

I'm here to give you that extra motivation and push that you just don't get going to a gym everyday. I'm here to make sure that you succeed. Of course I can't do the work for you - But I can be there to pick you back up when you fall down. So if you are TRULY ready to change your body and transform your life - I'm ready to give EVERYTHING I HAVE to watch you do it, help you, mentor you, and give you all my knowledge. I've been where you at .... I wasn't sure about these challenges either - The only thing I knew is that I was ready to loose the baby weight, feel confident, and I was ready to do anything to get it. The gym wasn't working!! I needed something MORE! Something BIGGER! Little did I know that 9 months later I wouldn't only have reached my goals but I would be helping others to reach their goals as well. AMAZING! So lets say NO to muffin tops this summer!!

I know that it takes time and sometimes we don't see the transformations as quickly as we would like but you just need to have faith in the process because - I would NOT steer you wrong. I've been there!! The neat thing about this process is I have been in the same exact spot as all of my challengers. I too went through the 12 week change!! It took 4 weeks for me to get my routine in order ( HA, which was pretty tough since during my challenge I was traveling all over the country, LITERALLY! .. I'm talking Australia, Texas, Minnesota, Hawaii) BAM! No excuses here I DID IT! It takes 6 weeks to really notice that your body is changing, and it takes the whole 12 weeks for other to start seeing the changes. 12 weeks will flash in a blink of an eye & i'm not telling you that you are going to be perfect through the process - I wasn't!! But I am going to tell you that those times that you fall straight on your face are the most important lessons you can learn & what you do from that point is what's going to control your DESTINY & TRANSFORMATION! You can do what you have always done - & just give up! OR you can get up, whip yourself off .. Learn from your mistakes, & KEEP GOING! SO if you are ready to GET GOING ... Lets do it!! Start NOW!

Let me tell you - I fell on my face more then once. I started my journey ATTEMPTING INSANITY about 4 months after having my youngest baby girl. YEA! I hated it ... Fell on my face. But that didn't stop me. I completed month one and saw a small progress. I wasn't eating clean & I wasn't drinking Shakeology. So I decided I was ready to really DO THIS! I saw others transformations. I saw that lives were changing and I wanted some of that. So I committed to TurboFire and added in Shakeology! BOOM! Results were starting to happen. I remember the exact feelings that I felt. I would cry because all the jeans in my closet were too small. I had nothing to wear and I couldn't believe how much weight I had gained. BUT I also remember the exact feelings I felt when I pulled those pair of jeans out that didn't fit a month before .. I remember pulling them out, trying them on once again and they FIT! I almost cried because this is where I could truly see the progress with my own eyes. It was an AH-HA moment where I felt on top of the WORLD! In fact I felt so good I took a picture and posted it on Instagram & Facebook. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of my weight loss Journey. We just moved and haven't finished unpacking all of our boxes but I can't wait to dig out these pair of jeans and see just how LOOSE they are now. EKK! I'll definitely have to post a picture and compare. I'm telling you!! This can happen to you too! I want to share this knowledge with the world because the only thing holding you back is that space between your ears!! It's a LIAR!! Stop letting FEAR hold you back from achieving your dreams. This transformation didn't happen over night. I wasn't an over night success. There isn't a magic pill that you can take and wake up skinny. It takes time and consistency. But if you really want it bad enough, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT !!

In my 12 week CHALLENGE I will help you choose a Beachbody Fitness Program that will help you meet the goals that you have set for yourself. We will discuss these goals together and I will recommend a program that I believe will meet your needs and desires. In this program you will also replace one meal a day with Shakeology! Shakeology DOES make a difference. TRUST ME! I was skeptical of this little shake at first too. BUT once I took the plunge and got on board - I never looked back. 9 Months later and I'm still a Shakeology lover. I have more energy, I'm the smallest I've ever been in my LIFE - & I've always been a gym rat and exercised. It's quick and easy, I don't even have to think about it, it gives me my chocolate fix, and I'm full and satisfied for the day. You will commit to doing your workouts and following the nutrition plan and I will commit to seeing you through this journey, helping you learn how to create your own menu's each week, give you recipes, and be there to make sure you do not FAIL! I will work with you every day to ensure that you are happy and confident this summer!!

I know that this time it WILL work for you. This will be the last year you are making a NY Resolution to loose weight. Here the amazing stories from my challengers and their progress at only 30 days here.

I know you can do this & be my NEXT success story! So let's make it HAPPEN! I want you to be PROUD of your transformation pictures. I believe in YOU and I know what you are capable of.

So, I have a few options for you ....

This month isn't called MARCH MADNESS for just any old reason!! You got MAD OPPORTUNITIES THIS MONTH! Tons of DEALS! Who doesn't like a good deal?

1. Request to join my pre-season of my March 11th Kicking it into GEAR Summer Challenge Group. and message me on Facebook  to reserve your spot and if their is still room for you in the group, I'll add you to the group and we can get things GOING! Spots are Limited and they fill up FAST so reserve your spot TODAY! This is the 12 week challenge group where I help you pick a fitness program and supply you with meal plans, recipes, motivation, and the support you need to get through the next 12 weeks.

2. March 25th SPRING INTO ACTION Challenge Group is going FULL FORCE!!!
You can now Register & reserve your spot!

3. You can join my APRIL 1st Clean Eating & Shakeology Shake Off! Here you will learn the basics of clean eating and feel the benefits of shakeology with out committing to a fitness program. If you are only interested in changing up your diet to get healthy and loose weight. Then this group is for YOU! Weight loss is 80% nutritions & 20% Fitness.

BUT ... That's NOT all!! I have an amazing deal for YOU !!! This is for those of you who have already been in a challenge group and are seeing awesome results and are starting to think about what program you might do next. OR this could be for new customers who are looking to join a challenge with their friends but want a chance to win a FREE Program!! So if you are one of those people who have been in one of my challenges groups and you KNOW how awesome they are then HELLO! ... Tell your friends. I challenge you to refer a friend!! Share the wealth! If you care about someone and really think they could benefit from these challenge groups then refer them and watch them transform. In return, for every person that you refer to me - You get your name in a drawing. The more people you refer the more chances you have to win. The lucky person who is chosen will win my all time FAVORITE Workout program - The one I lost 35lbs in 90 days .. TURBOFIRE!

The big winner will be announced on my blog & on my facebook page!! So refer those friends and stay tuned. Together we can CHANGE LIVES! Don't you want that feeling of accomplishment and to know that you made an imprint on someone's lives that you help changed their whole destiny?

I didn't plan on becoming a coach but because of these challenges and the success I had - I decided to pay it forward and coach. I can't even imagine how many lives will change now just because of the decisions I have made. It's a ripple effect. If you want to know how YOU can be an impact on someone else's lives DAILY. Let's chat. Coaching might just be FOR YOU! Plus you get a discount on all Beachbody products. SOOO Let's get it STARTED! You have the whole month of March to get enter!

On top of my deal Beachbody is offering a deal on p90x & p90x 2 Challenge packs. You can save up to $80 total!! So if you have been thinking about doing p90x this is YOUR CHANCE!! HOP ON IT! Join my March Challenge Group! I'm so excited about this month!

Let's do this!! 

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