Friday, March 8, 2013

Boost your Body Image & Gain Confidence!

It seems like in today's day I have noticed that no matter how far you have come, no matter how hard you have worked, and no matter how much weight you have lost -- Most people STILL aren't HAPPY!

Why is this?!? Why do we see so many teens struggling with body image? I hear young girls all the time talking about how they don't feel pretty enough compared to their friends or they aren't fit enough. That is NO SENSE! I have two daughter and I don't want my babies growing up thinking that they will never be good enough.

There is a difference between being healthy and being skinny. I would much rather be a healthier more fit person then to only workout to look good. SURE, I want to look good in a bathing suit when we go out to the beach but I would be much happier as a person that is healthy.

Society has set in in today's age that we can never be pretty enough, we can never be toned enough, we can never be beautiful enough. The extra effort and energy that most of exert trying to look better is just exhausting and decreasing our happiness and life quality.

It's totally normal to be concerned with your appearance but it seems that today people have just become obsessed with this and it's not a healthy obsession. It breaks my heart to hear people around me putting themselves down - even though I know that I am completely and 100% guilty of this as well.
We precieve that the people that are thiner or more wealthy, happier, and successful. We compare our selves to this perception and how we see our life, body and peers and it's just unhealthy.

Carrying around the weight of a poor body perception can not only lead to a sad and unhappy life but it can also lead to more severe circumstances such as eating disorders and potentially suicide.

In my challenge groups I focus on altering this perceptions and making a targeted effort to improve a person's body image and even their loved ones. This becomes LIFE CHANGING ... But HOW do you do this!??!

The answer to this questions goes way deeper then just saying that you are going to make the change and doing it. Nope .. Doesn't work that way. It's something that you really have to dig deep and take some steps to accomplish. Sure working towards your goals, and joining a gym, starting a new fitness program are great steps to working towards gaining a better body image but it's not going to really help ALL of your problems. It's time to really DIG DEEP!

Here are some tips on Boost your Body Image Daily :

#1 - Of course, Exercise!! Studies have shown that when people start an new exercise routine and program increase their confidence and self-esteem. Start a program with me TODAY and kick that negative body image to the curb. You 100% have the power to change your mind and body and I believe in you.

#2 - Each time you receive a compliment I want you to write it down. Write it down where you can go back and look at it. Either in a journal, on your phone note pad, or in a note book. Doesn't matter but somewhere where you can go back and re visit it. If you are having a tough day pull this list out and remember what makes you special and unique.

#3 - Feed your body with the foods that will give it nourishment and keep you healthy and well functioned. Think healthy - NOT SKINNY! You want to be running at full speed and doing the things you love. When you eat over processed junk you feel run down, tired, and lethargic. You have NO ENERGY! So throw them out and fill your pantry with clean eats. It's amazing how different you will feel in a week of clean eating.

# 4 - Wear clothes that make you feel great and fits perfect. If the size of your clothes are bugging you .. CUT THE LABLE OUT! It doesn't matter what size your are as long as you are healthy. SO cut it out .. Throw it out. Don't focus on your size. Dressing up in oversize baggy clothes is a way to HIDE and instead of HIDING you are just making yourself look Frumpy and Bigger then you actually are. When you dress nice, you feel better and others see that you feel better.

#5 - Pamper yourself! Give yourself a nice warm bubble bath, use scented lotions, and spray on some of your favorite perfume. Baths will calm you, clear your mind, and leave you feeling warm and refreshed.

#6 - Find one thing about yourself to compliment EACH DAY!
Most the time we focus on the physical instead of going beyond that. So I challenge you to dig deeper and compliment what makes you unique from others and your individuality. Focus on things such as being a dependable friend, a caring mom, or a loving wife.

#7 - Do NOT jump in with your friends when they begin to fill each other with negative body image complaints. Instead turn around and give them a compliment on their personality and direct the attention away from the negativity.

#8 - STOP THE NEGATIVITY before you can even finish your sentence. As soon as you even think to send yourself a negative comment such as  - I'm fat, I'm ugly, My butt is too big, I hate my stomach, My ears stick out too much.. ext - STOP RIGHT THERE and tell yourself how beautiful you are, how caring of a person you are .. ect. Don't you dare treat yourself that way. Would you ever talk to a loved one or family member that way? NO .. So it's time to start loving yourself and treating yourself with the respect you deserve.

Boost your Body Image OVER TIME -

#1 - What positive role models do you look up to? Make a list of all the things that you admire in them. As you go through this list I guarantee that you find that most of these things aren't physical attributes but what is on the INSIDE.

#2 - Throw the SCALE AWAY!! The number on the scale does NOT define who you are as a person. Many of us step on the scale many times in the day and let it effect the mood that we are in. STOP IT RIGHT NOW .... The scale is not always accurate for one. It can change depending on what you just ate, sodium, hydration, and your cycle. I go by the way my clothes fit and how I feel personally. You can also measure and use that as a indicator of your progress. If you are going to use the scale do it once a week at the same time but PLEASE do not let it effect your mood or define the person you are.

#3 - DO NOT compare yourself others. Especially the ones in magazines and on TV. Those men and women are airbrushed. Surround yourself with positive realistic images.

#4 - Discover your own personal strengths and embrace them. We all have our own special gifts, strengths, and talents. Explore these and know that you are SPECIAL in your own unique way. People appreciate you for these talents and not for your physically appearance.

#5 - Ask Friend and Family what they love and enjoy about you. I guarantee that not one of them is going to say anything about your physically appearance but what is INSIDE.

Surround your self with only positive, friends, thoughts, and images. I promise you that it is entirely possible to being to love yourself again. I know that it's tough when you have been struggling with such poor body image for so long. Trust me .. I'm right there with you. I've struggled since a very young age and it's been a part of my life for years. However, I am beginning to surround myself with more positive and uplifting people and it's changing the way that I think and the person that I am. Now, that i'm beginning to love myself .. I'm finding it easier to trust and love others. Yes, it'a a daily battle but I promise you once you release these negative demons you will be surprised at how much better your quality of life is and how many more things begin to start going your way. I'm always here for each of you of course and I want nothing but to see more positive happy people in this world.

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