Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Get all your Questions Answered -- Business Opportunity Call!

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I have a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management and an Associates in Elementary Education!! I am an Army Veteran, I lived in South Korea, Fort Hood Texas, Exmouth Australia, and Pearl Harbor Hawaii. I've been a stay at home mom for over 6 years!! 

My goal was to finish school while being at home with my girls. I joined the military to get my schooling paid for and used my GI bill to complete my BS degree online while taking care of my infant and toddler. BUT the lord had different plans for me ... Beachbody came in to my life when I was search for a way to loose weight after having my second baby girl. I really wanted to learn about clean eating and create a more healthy lifestyle for not only me but also my family. Guess what ... it worked for me! I never quit because I saw the MOST results EVER! I use to slave away at the gym before having my second child but NEVER got the kind of results I did after completing my first Beachbody program. I lost 35 pounds, I completely changed my lifestyle, I connected with other woman who shared the same interests and struggles, and I was held accountable. I knew that this needed to be shared with others who struggled just like me. 

I didn't even want to be a coach!! I didn't believe that it was something that I could do. I thought to myself "no one will want to follow me" ... "who is going to listen to me" .. "how will I find people" ... "I have no clue what i'm doing". So I only joined to get a discount on my monthly Shakeolgoy. Then one day, something spoke to me. I decided to give this whole thing a shot. I saw the potential in the business, the impact it was making on others lives, and the friendships that were being formed with in the team. I knew that I wanted to be apart of that. So I just started helping people every single day! I didn't have an agenda in mind but to share my journey and inspire others. 

I was consistent, I stayed focused, dedicated, and disciplined in growing my business in between nap times, school work, I got up early, and stayed up late. I really dove into how to be a better mentor, coach, person, friend, leader and as a result I have built my business into making over 6 figures a year. I don't consider this a JOB .. I consider it my PASSION! I get to support others daily, up lift them, help people transform their bodies but also their finances. 

THIS IS MY DREAM JOB! I am going to share with you TOMORROW EVENING at 8pm EST!! If you are interested in learning more about coaching and if this would be a good fit for you, then please shoot me a message for the link to log in!! The call will last 45 mins and I will answer all of the most common asked questions. 

I took this crazy leap of faith! Not because it was comfortable but because I believed in it!! I wouldn't be here today ... I can't even imagine my life any way else. 
Why not you!?!? What's holding you back? 
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