Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transformation Tuesday -- Challenger 21 Day Fix Success Stories!

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Guess what!??! It's Transformation Tuesday and I have a group of challengers that just finished their first round of the 21 day fix! They pretty much blew my mind when the transformation stories and pictures started to fill the newsfeed of our closed group. AMAZING and all in only 21 days, that's only three weeks people!! I absolutely love the 21 day fix, it's one of my all time favorite programs. I think it's GENIUS and how fool proof everything is. There is a perfect mix of intensity, cardio, and strength training in the program and modifications for any fitness level. Plus you get these little portion control containers and a nutrition guide which makes it super simple to follow.

21 day fix challenge group, portion control, get support
I have to say these ladies are pretty SMOKING and AMAZING!! I mean all it takes is a little hard work, dedication, commitment!! We were all in this together. We posted our sweaty pictures in our group, I shared my menu plans weekly and helped them get their menu plans together, we posted pictures, and checked in daily. It's always a good time in my challenge groups. It's all about support and accountability. The ones that got the results were the DEDICATED ones that checked in and brought it every single day!!! So proud of these ladies!! 

get support, challenge group, accountability, meal plans, grocery list, clean eating
This is our closed challenge group where all the magic happens

Challenger and New Coach on Team Fit Fighters, Brittany totally crushed her first round of the 21 Day Fix in our Fit For Fall Focus Group. 10 pounds down and 6 inches. Had a few set backs but she is up and running and GIVING IT HER ALL THIS NEXT ROUND! That's really what it's all about, not perfection but the fact that you NEVER GIVE UP!! Congrats Brittany. You look amazing!

21 day fix transformation
Brittany's 21 Day Fix Transformation. Down 10 pounds

       Mirle, is also a coach on my team who joined to inspire other woman that they can get pretty amazing results right in the comfort of their home and to also add on to her at home business that she already has. I love this girl and love having her on my team. I say she totally crushed her first challenge group and her first round of the 21 Day Fix. She's motivated and giving it her all. I see some abs coming in! :) Down 6 pounds and 4 Inches!! WAY TO GO, LOVE!!

21 day fix transformation
Mirle's 21 Day Fix Transformation - 6 pounds and 4 inches down. 
Juliana is a coach on my team who I love having. She is a no nonsense person and when she wants something she goes out and gets it. She joined my team to inspire others but also to hold herself accountable. How awesome is it that you get to turn your FITNESS into a BUSINESS!! It's the best feeling to work on yourself, help others, but also earn an income just by sharing your journey. Her transformation is nothing short of amazing. If you wanna join me team!! Totally reach out to me on Facebook ! Way to Go Juliana!! Your tummy is SO flat!!! PROUD OF YOU! 

21 day fix transformation
Juliana's 21 Day Fix Transformation!! AMAZING!
This challenger isn't ready to reveal her big transformation yet because she is working hard and still in the process of CHANGE but seriously ... is this transformation not AMAZING! It's too good not to share. I mean guys, this is THREE WEEKS! Where will you be in three weeks!??! That's NOTHING, blink of an eye. It's amazing how much you can change when you surround yourself with uplifting people and put your mind too. I'm so PROUD of each and everyone!!! This is just a few of the MANY transformations that happen on a daily basis in our groups!!
21 day fix transformation
Fit Fighters Challenge Group 21 Day Transformation

21 day fix challenge group, meal prep, plan for success

Here are a few pictures from our group of our awesome challengers getting ready to kick butt in another week of meal prepping and batch cooking!! 

If this has inspired you to make a change then STOP right there and message me!  You know that I am a Beachbody Coach and I run accountability and support groups in which I will teach you how to prepare to start this program,what to do each and every day and help you to complete and get the results you want.  There is no extra cost to have a coach.  The cost is the same no matter what, but why not get a peer support who has been through it and has some experience with the meal plan and prep!  

To Join the Mission: Become the Best Version of YOURSELF Challenge Group Starting October 20th complete the application below!

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