Friday, August 1, 2014

Awesome Opportunity for those Considering Beachbody Coaching!

It's time to BRING it in this second half of the year

This next month I am amping up my coach training program, having fun, and GIVING all my new coaches every single OUNCE of information they need to be successful in this business. This is material created by the TOP coaches of the organization (including the #1 TOP coach). 
If you want to know more about the Exclusive New SMART START Coach Training i'm offering read more below. 

top beachbody coach exclusive training

22 months ago I signed up with a little (well, really not so little) Health & Fitness Company called Beachbody to get a 25% discount on the products that helped me loose 40 pounds. After having baby number TWO I finally found something that worked!! 

Flashback to my original Tranformation with TurboFire & Shakeology

beachbody coach transformation

I was a discount coach for about 2 months before I realized that I was ready to go all in because I KNEW that this was going to completely change my life. 

We were never living pay check to pay check but being a single family income and living overseas in Australia and now Hawaii didn't leave us for much money left over. The tickets to go back and visit family are expensive and once a year our savings is drained to purchase plane tickets. 
Military life isn't always easy. I am a stay at home Mom to two girls and life would get pretty lonely. I felt Isolated some days for the outside world. I loved being home with my girls but I craved for adult attention and interaction. 

Little did I know ..... that this opportunity would come up and open so many doors to new friendships for me during yet another PCS to Hawaii. 

I had no idea that it would include living a life of SECURITY, HOPE, FUN, FRIENDSHIPS, and FREEDOM! I live by life by design and get to help others do the same. I make my own schedule! I spend all day in my PJ's, doing what I want to do, and NOT living according to anyone else's schedule (other than my girls, of course). 

My husband works all kinds of crazy hours being in the military and because of this FREEDOM when he is off, we can just up and go, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

It seriously is AMAZING what can happen with this business and it is my full responsibility to share this with other people whether you are a believer of Beachbody or NOT -- You need to know your OPTIONS! 

I choose to pay it forward and share this blessing with others who are struggling, just like I was. 

I didn't have all the skills and knowledge to be a business wonder but I did have: 

A Desire to DO MORE with my Life! 
A Desire to have FREEDOM! 

Top Beachbody Coach Exclusive Training

This business if for those who are WILLING to take RISKS and learn as they go! 
You don't have to be exactly like me but I am looking to connect with woman who can RELATE to me because I know that I can lead them effectively and I also know I will ENJOY working with them! 

If you know .... 

-You were meant for something greater 

- Want to create independance for you & your family, but also have a calling to give back to others! 

- Want to live by DESIGN: Be your own boss - Work when you want ; Where you want, Doing what you LOVE! 

- Coachable and willing to spend a year making short-term sacrifices in order to spend the rest of your LIFE enjoying long-term SUCCESS! 

- If you are reading this and you hear that little voice.... and your gut is telling you to go for it, I want to hear from you!! 

Here is a True Testament to How Income can Grow in this Business! 

This is a screen shot of my FIRST paycheck, my paycheck in May of 2013 and then my paycheck from ONE of my Business Centers in May 2014.

If you trust the process, this grows. THIS is what I want to teach you how to build!

Top Beachbody Coach Exclusive training, income,

 To be CONSIDERED for this Exclusive Training 
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