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Week 4 Piyo Meal Plan and Progress Update

week 4 piyo food prep
Piyo Week Four Update
Alright it's OFFICIALLY Week 5 in the HOUSE ..... I'm excited to get into week 5 and turn up the FIRE!! I'll tell you I went in to this thing not thinking I would get really good results and that it would be too low impact for me. I'm proven WRONG every single week. I really feel my core tightening up and my flexibility and balance getting stronger. For someone who is a runner this is working WONDERS for me. I feel like my runs are easier and my strides are much better. Loving this!

Every workout i'm thinking "was that enough" but the next day i'm always sore and feeling the burn. I know with out a doubt this program is working. I don't really want to lose any weight, just want to tone up, and improve flexibility. 

I know that the heat is about to be turned up this next month and I'm ready!! I know that Chalene Johnson designed this program to give good results. She is trust worthy and she knows her stuff. Her program, TurboFire was the very first program I committed to 2 years ago and I got in the best shape of my life. Her nutrition plans rock and I know she put together a program that is designed PERFECT! I'm trusting the process and pushing through. 

I get a lot of challengers in my groups who don't see results in the first week and decide to just quit. These programs are designed to give you the best results and they have been tested. Trust the process people and KNOW that just because you aren't dripping in sweat, spending hours in a gym, or feeling "it" doesn't mean the results aren't coming. Put all you can in the full 60 days, give it all you got, and the results will COME! Pinky Promise! Don't forget why you started, don't jump to the next thing because it doesn't give you that "quick fix" .... Keep going and I promise the Prize will come with Consistency and Dedication. 

I use to be one of those people that would jump to one fad diet to the next in hopes of getting quick results. The moment I decided to change my eating habits, take before pictures, measurements, and just wake up ever day with the intention to do my best -- The results just CAME! Not over night, Not in ONE day, Two days, Three days, or even a week but OVER TIME!! 

In fact my mind was so screwed up that I didn't even compare my pictures when I did TurboFire because I couldn't SEE the results I didn't believe I had any. It wasn't until I decided to compare Day 1 to that moment that my mind was blown. I'm telling you people .... every single time you choose that healthy meal over fast food, do a workout, and prep your meals for the week, CHANGE IS HAPPENING!! Know that every little bit does matter. 

I can tell you that I totally feel some NON SCALE VICTORIES through this phase. 
I can hold a plank longer than ever, I can do more of the tricep push-ups than I could in the beginning and I am doing a lot more of the advanced moves that I couldn't do in the beginning. Totally seeing the changes little by little -- Day by Day!! 

Here is this weeks workout schedule - 

Monday: Sweat 
Tuesday: Define Lower Body
Wednesday: Core 
Thursday: Define Upper Body
Friday: Rest 
Saturday: Sweat 
Sunday: Core 

week 4 piyo recap

This week I did some Hardcore prepping and I loved it. I felt more focused this week than ever before. It's nothing fancy but it kept me full and satisfied. 

Aspragus and Green beans are the veggies that I don't mind sticking with each and every day so that's what i'm sticking with. Got to find what you love and then just make it happen. 

So here is what I prepped this week: 
Meatloaf Muffins - This recipe made 12. So it was a perfect snack for the week
Roasted Root Melody for my healthy carb 
I made a big batch of Quinoa 
I baked some chicken breasts. This week I'll share my baked chicken recipe. It's YUMMY
I steamed some Asparagus and Green beans. I boiled a pot of water and threw in the asparagus for about 5 minutes and then tossed it in cold water and ice to stop the cooking process. I then topped it with a little salt. I did the same thing with the green beans. First I cut off all the stems and then boiled. 
I also had some mushrooms on hand so I sliced those up and pan sautéed them in siracha hot sauce
and a little light soy sauce. So good. Then I just put it over my veggies.
Then I took my strawberries, blackberries, and blue berries, sliced it all up and threw it in a Tupperware and a little lemon juice. 
This was perfect for my greek yogurt for my am snack. 
clean eating snacks, meal prep
I totally feel and see some progress in my core 

Here is exactly what i'm eating this week:

Piyo week 4 meal plan

I'm so excited to start this next month of Piyo and totally kill it!! 

Texas girl workout tank
Oh yea and do you love my new workout tank? 
I'm a Texas girl so of course I had to get this workout tank!! I think I got it from TeeSpring? I'm not positive. It was one of those deals. But i'm loving it!! 

clean eating greek yogurt

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