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Stay at home Mom of Three Beachbody Success Story!!

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Today I want to share with you a story from one of my coaches on my team who has totally blown me away in the last few months of working along side me in this business. Watching her blossom these last few months and help so many people has been humbling to me and honestly it's brought me to tears watching her fulfill her calling and doing it so effortlessly. 

Part of what I do as a coach is help you get a physical transformation -- I'm helping you get started with a fitness program that works best for you, helping you get all your meals planned out for the week, giving you tips, recipes, and guiding you to transform your life to a healthier one! But the other part of my job is that I have this amazing team that helps me do my job. Together we are helping each other become successful, motivating others and holding them accountable to the goals they have set and by doing this we earn an income as coaches. It's simply AMAZING and the best part is, I seriously had NO idea this even existed when I decided to sign up. I had no idea what I was doing or where it was going to take me. To be honest -- I just wanted to be a VIP customer and get a discount on my products. I had no idea it would lead to all of this awesomesauce. 

I do get asked often -- So what do you need to become a coach? What are the requirements? What degrees or certificates do I need to have? Welp, Guess what ...... NONE!! We are just ordinary people who have a heart for helping people get their journey started like we did when we started ours. 
Beachbody has created the fitness programs, put the plan together, and laid out the nutrition plan. My job as a coach is to help you SUCCEED!! I give you the challenge group, share my knowledge, and put my own spin on things. I share what has worked for me in my personal journey, share my tips on how to juggle workouts/clean eating with being a mommy to small kids, work, and family. I work with you to help you STAY MOTIVATED so you FINISH and SUCCEED!! Seriously it's an AMAZING JOB!! Pretty Awesome, Right?!?! 

I didn't seek out Beachbody for the business opportunity. I joined to transform my body and life physically. I was un happy with my eating habits and my weight gain after having my second daughter. This is exactly the same way most of my coaches start in this amazing business and the coach I'm going to introduce you today started the same way. 
We both started out with only looking for a physically transformation and it turned in to SOOO much more! 

beachbody coach success story

Meet Brenda Reedy: Emerald Beachbody Coach who has only been working the business since April.  She is a Mother of Three little ones that are very close in age, 2 boys and 1 Girl. She is an Army Veteran and is currently a stay at home Mom. She has always been into fitness but was interested in Shakeolgoy because she was having a hard time reaching her goals after her third baby. Since that point she has blossomed into an AMAZING and INSPIRATION Coach!! Check her out! 

beachbody transformation

It took me 16 months to decide to become a coach. Marlena found me on Facebook and we reconnected instantly! We went through basic training for the Army together and became quick friends. 

I had just had my third baby and I felt like I was slowly losing myself. I love my little ones more than anything but I needed to take care of myself so I could take better care of them. We've only been given one body and I wanted to take care of mine - for me AND my family. I've always loved fitness and the thrill of a challenge, so once she explained the coach opportunity to me, I was hooked. I can workout, help people, and get paid? I'm in! Less than a month after I chose to become a coach, I made another huge choice - to take the leap and go to Summit! That was a HUGE turning point for me. I learned SO much and met some amazing people. 

beachbody coach success story

Since returning from Summit I've put my business into overdrive. I've grown my team from nothing to 8 coaches - in 5 weeks! I've learned how to efficiently help others reach their goals. And I've been able to help people SEE their fitness goals achieved! I've been able to help my family financially. We have a home that's been for sale for 18 months and counting. Being able to relieve some of that financial burden has been a tremendous help to our finances and our sanity! 

beachbody coach success story

I love being able to be a small part in helping someone reach their fitness goals! I love the THRILL of the after picture and the excitement in a challengers voice! I love to help motivate, encourage, validate and push someone to be better than they ever dreamed they could be! This isn't a job for me - it was just a step into a calling that I didn't even know I had. And I love every second.

beachbody coach success story

beachbody coach success story

Brenda is an amazing coach and I STRONGLY encourage checking out her FB fan page for more Faith, Fitness, and all around motivation!! 

Beachbody didn't just change us physically!! Oh no! It's done so much more! I can tell you that I'm a whole different person. It's made me a more positive person, I have reconnected with old friends and helped me find my very best friends, it has allowed me to have the freedom to do things I never imagined of doing, and I can now dream of a future that I would never believe would ever come true, until now. 

Some may think i'm weird, post too much, talk about this whole "Beachbody thing" too much, it's non traditional, a scam, and too good to be true -- BUT the one thing I CAN tell you is that we are waking up every mooring and HELPING people and NOTHING ....... I MEAN NOTHING beats that feeling. 

I love my team to pieces, I invest in those that join our team, and I truly care deeply for each one of them. I am blessed with this amazing opportunity and i'm not ever going to stop telling the world about it because it is LIFE CHANGING! I don't care what others thing!! Truly!! I know that God placed me in this spot for a reason and I am exactly where I'm meant to be!! 

Want more info on what we do as coaches -- Check us out! 

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