Friday, November 8, 2013

Going from being a Stay at home Mommy to living my passion and dreams as a Mentor and Leader!!

It's almost Friday!! I'm sitting here at 11:34 pm with my little 2 year old, Brooklyn watching Mickey Mouse Christmas!! My MIL and my babies Grandma was visiting the last 3 weeks and they both got so use to her and sleeping with her that now my little one is battling me at bed time. Tonight she went to sleep for about 1.5 hours and was crying by 10pm and just would not stop. So here we are night number 2 up together past her bedtime watching cartoons. Oh it's the little things!! 

As this year is coming to an end, lately I've been taking the time to sit back and reflect on the last year of my life and how much things have changed. I just sit back and think about every little event that has occurred in my life to make me the person I am today. Have you ever just looked back at things that occurred that you just didn't understand but then later in time they all seem to make sense!?!?  Like puzzle pieces coming together to make a masterpiece. 

I started out as a normal person military wife, two beautiful babies, and some extra baby weight that was bringing me down in all areas of my life. I felt insecure, ugly, unconfident, and just horrible in my own skin. I hated going through a closet of clothes and not having anything fit. So this time I googled clean eating, found an amazing challenge group I could be apart of while living all the way in Australia, and instead of QUITTING like I do with everything else, I FINISHED and was down 35 lbs in 90 days. I know with out a DOUBT it was because of the daily accountability, the ability to learn how to eat clean, be motivated by others, and surround myself with such positivity daily!! 

I was in amazement at how awesome this program worked even though I was half way across the world I still felt like I was apart of something. I was able to check in daily with my group of amazing ladies who became my friends and feed off of each others motivation. This was FOR SURE something that needed to be made known to others around me. How could I not shout this out to everyone around me and share the amazing results I received from this system. Not just physically but mentally I was a different person. 

At first I was a little insecure about being a coach and sharing this journey with others. I didn't think I would be good enough so I signed up only to get a discount on the products. After being introduced to our amazing team and feeling inspired I knew that I could do this!! I was ready to help others get the same results I did! I was ready to let go of that fear and share what I had learned. So I let go and decided that I was ready to give this Beachbody coaching thing everything I got. 

I watched a video similar to the one above and thought this was way to good to be true. There was no way that I was going to "SALE" anything! I'm not like that!! I just want to help people! However, I knew that the tools to helping people were these programs and Shakeology!! It's changed my life and I know it can change others. 
When I started coaching I wasn't 100% happy in my skin, I didn't feel like i was "fit" enough, and I knew nothing about social media or how to create a Facebook group. I was clueless but I decided that each day I would get up with the intention to learn a little bit more and focus on just helping people. 
So this brings me to TODAY .... 
Today I am a successful Diamond coach with over 50 coaches on my team, I'm # 157 out of 130,000 coaches in the company, I've crossed off some pretty amazing goals like having the ability to take my husband on an all inclusive vacation cruising to Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel in march 2014, attend summit last year with an amazing team!! I'm so excited for what my future holds for the next year. All of this has happened in just ONE YEAR! I am JUST like you ... I am a MOM, HOUSE WIFE, SISTER, and FRIEND!! The only thing that makes me different is I chose to take my life and turn it into something EXTRAORDINARY!! I chose to take this life I live and DREAM BIG .. Take it to the LIMIT!! I have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else does. I just learned how to prioritize, organize, and focus on my goals. No, i'm not always perfect at these but I wake up each day with the same determination to set my dreams on fire and watch them burn. 
Now that I have shared this with you I want to personally invite you to be apart of this amazing journey I am on!! 
I am excepting 5 coaches into my apprenticeship program that starts December 1st. In this I will mentor you, share how I work my social media, and teach you everything that I do to build a successful health and fitness business. You don't have to be fit, you could even just be starting your journey and looking for motivation along the way to keep you on track. 
These 5 people will have weekly push calls with me and together we will create the type of business you are looking to have. 
I'm so excited to share this opportunity with others around me!! 
Are you considering becoming a Beachbody Coach!?!? 
Then Complete the application below to be considered for the upcoming ELITE Coach Apprenticeship Program. 
This is my system for training new coaches and helping them achieve success as quickly as possible!! My goal is to teach you EVERYTHING I know and provide you with the tools so you don't have to re-invent the wheel. My goal is to cut down on your learning curve so you can jump in with SUCCESS!