Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are you still sticking with your New Years Resolutions?

Yes, I can NOT believe it but February is HERE my friends!!! Yes, it is ... we are mid way through February & today is the day of LOVE. So to get you really thinking about this year .. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.......
What were your New Years Resolutions & Did you stick with them? What dream or big goal did you have in mind for this year, the year of 2013, that you told your self would change everything and make this YEAR BIGGER & BETTER then past YEARS!?!? 

Did you meet them?! Sill sticking with the plan or did you like past years already forget what you wanted, figured it was TOO HARD and just gave up? 
Was weight loss, transformation, life change, learning to eat healthy, feeling better, gaining confidence some of your resolutions? 

Are you finding yourself less & less motivated? Are you frustrated? Bored!? Not seeing results the way you planned? 

If so you are one of the 87% of people that don't make it to their New Years Resolutions they have set. 
You aren't alone ..... There are so many out their struggling, trying to catch some air, and feeling lost in their journey to get to the top. 

I'm sure that you had your mind set and were ready to go the first month - You had no plan in stopping but life got in the way and you had a few things go wrong ... You cheated .. Slipped up ... Got Frustrated and just gave up. 

Well I'm HERE to PICK YOU BACK UP & get you going BACK IN the RIGHT DIRECTION! 
This is why I coach .... This is why I'M HERE! 
TO pick you back up and help and motivate you to get back into the groove and push through. 

Weight loss is NOT easy ... It just isn't or we wouldn't have a growing obesity rate in America Today. Driving past the 100's of fast food joins we see each day, smelling the food brought in during a work meeting, seeing the cake at the Birthday party ... all of these temptations ARE HARD TO IGNORE!! I know this .. I've been there .. I've struggled. It's hard to pass up all of those temptations that are placed right in front of your face daily. The choices that we have to make in an instant that we know can either make us or break us ... it's TOUGH! 
So you don't say No to the temptations that are in front of you and you tell yourself that tomorrow is "a new day" and you will start over fresh and make it a great one .. but again - You get home late and don't feel like cooking so you order a pizza and after the pizza you suddenly feel guilty and tell your self "tomorrow, I promise TOMORROW... I won't be so tired, I'll make time to cook." But yet tomorrow comes .... and once again - SOMETHING COMES UP! I know ... there is ALWAYS tomorrow but their is only so many tomorrow's until it's a month later and you could of seen AWESOME results. 

Is this YOU!?? 

I understand!! My life gets crazy too and sometimes we just wish their were more hours in the day - but this is NOT AN EXCUSE! We all are given the same amount of hours each day. Yes, life gets busy, our calendars begin to fill up, and we can't find time to even eat let alone workout. BUT - (of course there is always a but) If you truly, truly want something ... You will find a way. You won't take NO for an answer. You will do anything you can to make it work. If you Truly and whole heartily want to gain more energy, more life, and want to loose weight - It's TIME to leave the excuses at the DOOR and make TIME!

Of course EVERY CHANGE in life comes with some sort of CHALLENGE. Change is inevitable with out hitting some challenges. This is the MOMENT that I want to help you turn things around. There is POWER IN NUMBERS!! There is a TRUE POWER to knowing that you aren't the only one struggling in this journey and that you aren't alone. You are HUMAN & it's normal to have good days and bad days. There is POWER in knowing that you can look to 5 other women and know that they are having the same exact feelings and emotions that you are having & they are there for you & are there to join you in this journey. It's powerful and truly a sense of FREEDOM that you are able to workout at HOME, on YOUR TIME, and In whatever YOU WANT TO WEAR! I can help customize your program to fit your Needs, Desires, Limitations, & restrictions. I can help you create meal plans that work for your lifestyle and time frame. I can give you those quick easy means and snacks that will keep you a way from the drive thru & the ugly diet cycle. I'm here to help you make this a LIFESTYLE that you can maintain and keep for the rest of your life. A true LIFE CHANGER! You never have to put WEIGHT LOSS or EAT HEALTHY as one of your Resolutions again. The only thing I do ask is that you do put PAY IT FORWARD because everyone deserves to know this information.

You can't put a price on the support that you will receive through out your journey! I will hold you accountable 7 days a week - WITH OUT FAIL!  I promise that if you commit to the next 12 weeks you will have a complete LIFE CHANGE!!!!

March 11 & March 25th - I will hold two challenge groups .. BUT there will only be a limit of 10 spots available.

Starting March 11th, I promise to be your BIGGEST CHEERLEADER!! I commit to lifting you up when times get tough and you want to quit. I commit to finding that inner WARRIOR & Growing your personal character.

The only questions that I am left with is ....


So what's NEXT!?!? Go to my site and create a free account with me as your Coach. Send me an e-mail at and tell me that you want more information on partcipating in my March 11th & March 25th 12 week health and fitness program. Then together, you & I will chat and decide if this program is the right step for you. Don't wait because spots are limited to a select number & summer is only 4 SHORT MONTHS AWAY! WOWZA!!! Better get on it!! 

Now is your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Don't waste another month doing the same ol' thing that isn't working & is only leaving you depressed and negative.

Are you wondering what a Challenge Group is exactly!?!? See what all the rave is and what my challenges are saying about my challenge groups. Click HERE

Are you READY!?!? 

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