Wednesday, November 12, 2014

STOP!! Before you accept an extra holiday job read this!!

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Happy Tuesday!!! Today I'm feeling pretty darn blessed that this Christmas I don't have to put anything on a credit card and that I don't have live pay check to pay check to get groceries or get things for my family/kids that is needed.

Personal development is a HUGE part of my life! It totally keeps me sane and upbeat more than I ever have in my life. It's allowed me to reflect and be thankful for the little things instead of focusing on the negative things. I am always looking for ways to grow myself as a leader and person so that I can offer the BEST version of myself to others.

Over the last 2 years I have grown as a person by sticking to my personal development and continuing to grow myself as a leader. This growth, process, and mistakes i've made over the last year has allowed me to teach the coaches on my team the same principals. I love teaching and mentoring my coaches and just helping them "GET IT" and their business just begins to take off because that light bulb moment goes off!! It totally fires me up to see them EXCEL in all areas of life.

One thing that I have noticed through my leadership development is that the more you put off something the less likely you are to do it. It's kind of like when you set your alarm to do your workout in the morning for 5am and you shut your alarm off and tell yourself you do it later. Well, you and I both know that the chance of you actually getting that workout in later is pretty much slim to none. Right!??! Come on ... we both know it's true. 
This is the same with in my Beachbody Business! There are times when I get amazing ideas to make a blog post or do a youtube video to share with everyone and I know that If I don't sit down make a plan to do it and get my notes together right at that very moment then I'm just going to continue to put it off. 
Your BEST work and life events are done RIGHT THEN .... When you are EXCITED and the Movement MOVES YOU! 

So here is my idea for this time of year! Everyone would like to earn extra cash during the holiday
season. We all have Christmas coming up and traveling to visit family and funds can be tight. I know that normally around this time of year i'm watching the bank account and cutting corners in every area that I can to budget for the holidays.
accountability, coach apprenticeship, leadership, support, fitness coachEvery year you tell yourself that you aren't going to over do it and are going to keep in a happy range that doesn't over extend you but of course we always over extend ourselves and then say we will save sooner for next year. Does that ever happen?!?! NO! ha ha ha ha ..

So when I first started coaching all I really wanted to do was help ONE person change their life for the better. I wanted people to feel the exact same way I did when I finished that first challenge group and lost 35 pounds. I wanted people to know that they could get that accountability and support and TRULY be healthy! My entire reason for becoming a coach was to show people the key to weight loss and teach them how to make a complete lifestyle change instead of just a quick fix diet. This goal totally worked. My customers and challengers were getting results, the more I poured myself into them the more fulfilled I felt. Once the holidays began to roll around I decided that I didn't want to put Christmas on a Credit Card and I didn't want to nickel and dime for the next few months to save up. I wanted to pay for our Christmas in CASH! I focused on keeping people accountable during the toughest time of the year, the holidays. I did mini challenges, support groups, and shared EVERYTHING I KNEW about staying on track clean eating. Last year I was totally able to pay for Christmas completely in cash. We didn't take money out of savings or use credit cards. My beachbody money took care of everything and because of this blessing I was able to provide an amazing and stress free Christmas for my family. 

I want to return the favor to you!! I want to help you earn at least $500 towards your holiday this year. I want to help a SELECT FEW of interested people earn an extra income through Beachbody Coaching. 

So in return i'm enrolling you into an exclusive group starting December 1st 
 I will mentor and guide you in a 1:1 and group setting.  I will teach you how to get started and what to do!!!  Are you interested???  Are you a motivated, driven, and compassionate person?  If so then this would be a good fit for you!  The good thing is that Beachbody coaching is the gift that keeps on giving!  Long after the holidays are over you can continue to grow your business to whatever extend you see fit!  I will always as your mentor and sponsor be here to support you!!!


I am also doing a free webinar on Thursday November 20th to explain exactly what being a Beachbody coach is and what we do!  I am also explaining how I will help you to create your business as well.  Contact me for log in information for the call.

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Complete the application below to be considered for a spot on my team!  I will also provide you with additional information as well.

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