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Team Beachbody Leadership Retreat!

Team Beachbody Leadership Retreat

About a month ago I had the honor of attending the Team Beachbody Leadership Retreat with the top leaders of the company. Oh and the cool thing was that I had my room completely paid for and an additional $350 travel cash. I didn't do anything special to earn this, I just did my job. Showed up daily, helped my challengers get results, and mentored my team to duplicate what I do daily. The retreat was in a BEAUTIFUL resort in Scottsdale, Arizona and I was seriously blown away with how beautiful for this place was. I was in complete shock that I was even there, with some of the BEST people in the world, with an amazing company who truly cares about giving back to their coaches. Seriously feels surreal every time I attend one of their events. They always go above and beyond. 

This event is done yearly at a different place every year for 2 Star Diamond and above and have qualified by earning a certain amount of Elite points. Being a 2 Star Diamond Coach means that you have successful sponsored 2 of your Personally Sponsored Coaches to Diamond Rank. The training is all about networking, and providing the leaders of the company with advanced training to grow our businesses, manage our time effectively, communicate with others, and expand our market. We also get pretty cool insights on new programs coming out and trainings that are provided. The retreat is 2 days packed full of seminars with top notch speakers sharing their tips on success, celebrity workouts, and mingling parties in the evenings where you get the time to get to know the other leaders in the company. If you have never been to the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, I highly recommend it. GORGEOUS is an understatement. 

This was the FIRST year that I qualified to attend this event and I felt so BLESSED to represent my team and show them that this is totally possible for them to do next year. If I can do this ... So can they and I'm going to show them how. 

The first night there, I was in total relaxation mode and was just trying to explore the place. It was so huge. We got their a day early so that we could have some down time. The best part was meeting up with my life long friend that I met through this amazing coaching opportunity. I seriously am so blessed to have such a beautiful friend who just gets me. We met on the Beachbody Success Club Cruise Trip in March and every since then have hit it off. 

Beachbody Besties
I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg for my team. I am leading this path and showing them the way to success. If I can make it to leadership they can too. I want them to know that and believe that. I'm not different than anybody. I'm a normal mom, with dishes, laundry to fold, and errands to run. I know that next year I will have at least 5 of my personally sponsored coaches with me at the Leadership Event. That's my goal and next year I will dedicate myself to helping my coaches earn this trip because I know how much it meant to me to go this year and how much it is WORTH it. 

Friday morning we woke up to a workout with Autumn Calabrese doing her new workout program that will be released in February 2015 called 21 Day Fix Extreme. It's the next step after doing the 21 Day fix program if you want to take it to the next level. 

Our attempt at a Dream Team Pyramid! HA HA HA 

This is what I love about Team Beachbody
I love exactly what it stands for. They stand for integrity. They don't want to just create a bunch of products full of CRAP or that don't work but WE hold a true mission statement. To help FULFLL and improve the lives of others. To end the trend of obesity. We have wonderful values and along with that an amazing business structure. We are able to help Beachbody fulfill this mission as a coach each and everyday by running challenge groups, new coach trainings, and leadership trainings. 
Goals are created to fulfill to this mission statement. 

After our workout it was time to head in for some trainings given by the top coaches of the company and some celebrity speakers they brought in for us. We also got to hear about the new programs that will be released in the next 6 months. 

Shannon and I ready to get our training on. 

I will tell you that there is some AWESOME new stuff coming out in the future that has me pumped!!

Brand new program by Shaun T will be released December 2015 called Insanity Max: 30 

Insanity Max 30 Coming out Live December 2014

There is another exciting workout program coming in February of 2015 by Autumn Calabrese called 21 Day Fix Extreme!! This is the NEXT step after the 21 day Fix. I am seriously PUMPED for this workout program!! 
21 Day Fix Extreme  coming out February 2015

After some amazing sessions through out the day, an awesome lunch that Beachbody Provided for us, and a great workout that morning, it was time to get ready for a night of mingling. It was seriously the cutest little party. They even had a Donkey set up for us to take pictures with and some amazing appetizers. They know how to make us feel loved and spoil us. 

Dream Team at Friday Night Mingle Party! 
Autumn Calabrese and I at opening ceramony
The next morning we woke up to another sunrise workout with Autumn Calabrese. She always knows how to kick our butt and make us SWEAT! Love her live workouts.

Team Bonding in the Pool 
             It's always a good time with these people! We understand each other, we are the 5 % who are "WEIRD" and like to go against the flow. We follow our dreams and we know we are made for much more. When it's time to put our heads down and get to business we do what it takes but when it's time to be goofy we totally know how to do that too :) 

We kind of like to have a good time
Another awesome thing Beachbody rewarded us with was some wear and share. They came out with some new gear for every time you hit a new rank in the business and they gave us the gear for our rank in cute little gift boxes that had our names on it. 
The adorable shirt stating that i'm a 3 Star Diamond Coach

So do you want to know what I learned for this experience!?!? 

That I am never leaving this company and that I am LOYAL to them and plan on being around for a long time coming. I love everything that they stand for and love representing a company that holds a strong mission statement. A company that wants to help us succeed in our businesses and honestly believes in the products that they deliver. For the next 2 months of this year I am dedicating all of my time to not only help people get in the best shape of their life but help every single one of my coaches succeed and achiever their personal goals. I want to give all of my time to my team and my challengers!! I want to bust my butt to help others feel fulfilled. 

This whole thing isn't just bout ME it's about WE as a team!! I love Team Fit Fighters! Next year in California we will have at least 5 Team Fit Fighter coaches if not more. This is only the beginning for us. Together we have built an organization that is PASSIONATE about helping others and have built our team to #70 out of over 200,000 coaches. That means something! It happened because we put other peoples needs before our own. 

These next few months i'm putting my head down, pencil out, paper ready and creating some systems to increase my coaches growth in their business and decrease the fear and anxiety that may come with this business in the beginning. No frustration -- I got your back!! 

So here is my question for you!! 

Have you ever thought about becoming a coach? Do you like helping other people? To want to MEAN something to someone else and inspire others to live up to their full potential? 
I want to help you be successful so that you can join us on our next trips! So that you can help us fulfill our mission statement in helping others. 

Please complete this application below to get into my next 30 day new coach Bootcamp starting November 3rd, 2014. I only have a few more spots open so do not delay. 

Also I am hosting an informational session via youtube tomorrow at 9:00pm EST. 

You can watch right from the comfort of your home, ask questions, and get answers. 


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