Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Delicious and Clean Salmon Tacos

Seriously, Dinner the other night was ONE that I HAVE to share!! I have an amazing friend who put this all together for me and It was one of the most delcious meals I have ever had. You will want to try this for sure. My husband and kids cleaned there plate. I am drooling thinking about it right now. 

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Ingredients : 

Salmon Filets 
Lemon Juice 
Minced Garlic
Corn Tortillas 
Organic Quinoa and Kale Mix from Costco


Cook skin on salmon fillets in lemon juice and garlic with skin side down on medium heat... No oil needed! Crushed black pepper optional

Wait to flip until fish is almost thoroughly cooked, (the skin may be burned, but don't worry!) then peel skin off  your fish should be perfect

Brown small corn tortillas in pan (again with no oil) the remaining lemon and garlic give them a nice color.

Combine ingredients and top with fresh lemon, and sriracha hot sauce if you like it spicy!!

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Serve and Enjoy. 

If you are on the Fix I counted this as 2 Yellows and 1 Red. 
If you want to omit one tortilla and some of the quinoa you can scale it down to 1 yellow.