Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to have a Guilt Free Easter

Something that is on my mind today ....
I know that many of you are going in to a weekend of remembrance with family, food, and drinks.
A lot of you may get teased or made fun of for your healthy decisions. 
{{I've been there}}
Thing is, DO IT FOR YOU!!! It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, you are eating healthy because it makes you happy, it allows you to feel good, have energy, and reach your goals. Whatever everyone else thinks really doesn't matter. They will be the ones asking you for help in the future and feeling full, sleepy, and bloated come Sunday.
If you aren't happy eating healthy, eating in moderation, and living this lifestyle then you need to re evaluate your goals. It should be something you do for LIFE.
You can wish and dream for a certain type of body and then eat whatever you want. You have to align your lifestyle with your goals and what makes you HAPPY!
Just something on my mind as we go into this holiday weekend.
I know that it's hard .. but if you keep in mind how you are going to feel come Sunday - You WILL do better!! 

Enjoy this special weekend of remembrance but stay on track with YOUR goals! 

Here are my top tips for having a Guilt-Free Easter 

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