Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top Reasons Why I Love my Job as a Beachbody Coach

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So if you don't already know ... now you do - I am a 2 Star Diamond Premiere Beachbody Coach that finished my first year in the business number 182 out of 130,000 coaches.

A little over a year ago, 14 months to be exact I found my amazing job. However, I never thought it would ever become what I now call "my job". I had just came out of my first challenge group where I did TurboFire and lost 35 lbs in 90 days. I signed up to be coach only to get a discount on the products. Military has the opportunity to have all coach fees waived and use the discount for free. It was a good deal to me. I had no intention at all to actually "coach". In my head I didn't believe that my transformation was worthy or good enough to be "coach" material. In my head I believed that I had to have the PERFECT BODY (define that?!) to coach anyone else. I was quiet, didn't have the confidence to invite anyone, and didn't have a clue how to start this journey but I knew that I wanted to inspire others to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. I felt FANTASTIC and I knew that the challenge group I had just come out of was LIFE CHANGING.

So I went out and gave this whole coach thing a try. Just me a military wife, who started her journey in Australia, to Texas, to Hawaii, online student, and Mom of two girls.. who were One and Four at the time. We had just PCS'd to Hawaii and were stuck in a Hotel for 2 months with our kids. This was the moment I started my coaching journey. I did my workouts in my hotel room and shared my journey. I'm telling you if I can do it from a hotel room with two kids - You can too.

I never planned for this to turn in to something so huge for me, but It did. I knew that I had hit on something. I was able to inspire and help others physically and finically. With out boring you with my long story you may have heard a few times I'm going to go over my top reasons why I have the best job  EVER and why I truly love what I do.

Top Reasons Why I Love my Job

1. You do not have to be PERFECT, have the perfect body, or be at your goal weight to be apart of this business.


I wasn't at my goal weight when I started as a coach. In fact I was just at the tip of my transformation. I still had more to loose but every day I woke up and SHARED my workouts, my meals, my recipes, and my journey and people wanted to follow and get the same results. I was just a regular person INSPIRING others to do the same. I was their biggest cheerleader and a normal person just like them. While i was helping others I got to work on my self.

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The picture on the Right is the first month I started as a coach and picture on the left is now a year later. 

This whole year I was able to make an income, help others get results, mentor coaches to work their business, and get in the best shape of my life.
2. I get to turn my Fitness into a business. 

I love working out and I love having the daily motivation to get out of bed every morning. Being a coach gives me that extra accountability. I know that I have challengers depending on me and I depend on them. I have several groups cheering me on and feeding me positive energy. I don't think that it could get any better than that. We all want to be fit but when you get to work on yourself, help others, and earn an income that seriously is the icing on the cake. Who doesn't want to get paid to work on yourself daily!?!? 

3. I'm able to work on my time, stay home with my girls, and take vacations when I want to - While still getting paid. I can work from anywhere at anytime. It's called FREEDOM. 

I have the freedom to work as much or as little as I want. I can decide my own hours, work for myself, and control the amount of money I want to make. 

Every morning I wake up at 5am, take my Energy and Endurance (Beachbody's pre workout formula) and head out to my garage to workout. I'm normally done between 5:30am - 6am. I then go in, take a shower, and spend the last 40 mins before my girls get up to check e-mails, check into my challenge groups, coach apprenticeship groups, and post a motivational picture on FB and Instagram. 

I then wake my sweet girls up, give them kisses, make them breakfast, get them dressed and walk my oldest to school. 

Monday & Thursdays - Brooklyn goes to the sitters to play for the first half of the day. So far she loves it and it gives me a little time to work on my business. When it's work time .. it's game on and I have a list of things i'm getting done in that time frame. At 2pm I go and get my oldest from school and pick up my youngest from the sitters. We then come home, snuggle, and watch a movie. Some days I have a team call and my girls sit next to me most of the time and say hi. I then make dinner for my family, normally take a picture to share :) , and then we all sit down and have dinner. Until about 9pm i'm with my family and have certain nights planned out where the whole night is hubby and I's time. Before Bed I check in with challengers and read my personal development book. 

On the days that my daughter doesn't go to the sitters we play together, go to church, and watch cartoons. 

The weekends are family time. So I get up extra early to get my work done and the rest of the day is for them. 

I love that I'm able to work when I want and never miss a thing. It's the best feeing in the world!! I would never replace this feeling to be completely free to work when I want. 

4. I've met the Best Friends a girl could ever ask for! 

When I came to this Island I didn't know anyone. I was worried how I was going to meet more people and gain those friendships I so desperately wanted. As I look back and connect every friend or person I know today on this island most of them I met through Beachbody. They were either a challenger of mine or are a coach on my team. These are the girls that I go to the beach with, go to girls nights with, host play dates with, and run half marathons. Some of these people I have no idea where I would be today with out them. I am beyond thankful for the friendships that were made through this journey. I feel like i'm apart of a sorority. Not only do I have my personal team that I get to talk to daily but I also have the entire Dream Team and Bombshell Dynasty that I'm apart of. I just came back from a weekend in Pittsburg celebrating each of our success with in the business and just spending time together bonding. It's so amazing to gain such amazing bonds with a group of inspiring and uplifting people. 

My Amazing Coaches Lesley & Sally!

Pittsburg Super Saturday Jan 2014
Pittsburgh trip with the Melinda & Jackie
My Diamond Coach, Sally & I going out to Celebrate
I truly love my amazing team!! They give me so much hope and happiness. I love mentoring them, chatting with them to see how they are doing, and just helping them build a successful business helping others. Not only that, I love the friendships I've been able to develop. My team is totally killing it and I'm so proud of them!! 

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5. I am able to take my husband on an amazing cruise that is completely paid for.
On top of that I also have an extra $1,000 spending money just by leading by example every month, reaching my goals, and helping others reach their weight loss goals. This cruise is just the icing on the cake. It was earned just by doing what I love every day and building my business. In March of this year the husband and I will be on a cruise with celebrity trainers and a bunch of amazing positive BB coaches. I also get to spend some QT with my team and just bond. The trip for next year is Cancun, Mexico in an all expense paid Resort that looks breathtaking. If you want to help others and take your family on this vacation. Join my team NOW and I can help you earn this vacation. 

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6. Everyday I am able to watch others grow and transform.
I've had a hand in at least 50 transformations or more and am able to help my coaches reach new milestones in their business. It's the most rewarding feeling to help others. I love seeing the transformations I am able to see daily. 



My goal for 2014 is to help as many people as I can financially and physically. If you have been watching me and have a love for health and fitness then I have an opportunity for you. I have been blessed with an amazing job (if you can call it that) that has blessed my life in full. I am able to help others live to their potential, dream big, and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I'm looking for just a few people to pass this gift to and join my amazing team. You do not have to have your goal body yet and you don't have to be a personal trainer! You just have to have a heart to inspire and help others. I will work with you daily teaching you exactly what I do daily to build your successful business running online challenge groups and helping other live a healthy life. You will be joining an amazing team that will inspire to DREAM BIG and motivate you to reach all your goals through helping others.

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My Next Coach Apprenticeship Program is February 3rd. Fill out the application below to be considered.