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2 Star Premiere Beachbody Coach Ranked # 184 out of 130,000 Coaches Success Story

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I have completely been consumed and overwhelmed with my AMAZING life at this moment in time. I feel like my business is propelling faster then I can get a hold of but I love every minute of it. I am beyond blessed. Today I want to share you a little bit of my life as a successful Success Club 10 ALL STAR and 2 Star Diamond PREMIERE Beachbody coach!! I started this business only a year ago. A year ago I was sitting in the SAME SPOT AS YOU I was NADA. Just a stay at home Mommy who felt depressed, looking to find herself, felt like a little something was missing, and just wanted to do something for MYSELF. Not that I didn't love my kids but somewhere in the mix of having my two beautiful girls I felt like I lost myself. I went from cleaning up messes, giving baths, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything for everyone else but myself. 

I loved my life and felt beyond blessed that I was able to stay at home with my girls but I needed something that was mine. 

Most of you follow me and know that I am a clean eater, I share recipes and tips with you, I have a passion and love for fitness and run challenge groups, and that I am a Military Wife and Mommy of two beautiful girls but what you may not know is that I'm a Beachbody Coach with an amazing team of coaches called Team RockStars and our BIG team called The Dream Team. We have an amazing bond. These people are the ones I talk to daily to lift me up and Inspire me. 

My Job as a coach is to help others achieve their health and fitness goals and live healthy fulfilling lives.  I became a coach only a year ago but I didn't come into this thinking I would actually end up COACHING anyone. I came in to only get a discount on my Shakeology each month. However, this amazing Team inspired me to DREAM BIG and the moment I was introduced to this team I knew deep in the pit of my stomach that this was my big moment I had been waiting for. 

Team RockStars Bonding Dinner Date
This all started with me just wanting to learn how to Eat Clean. I googled "Eat Clean" and found my amazing coach. I was doing Insanity and wasn't getting the results I desired until I adding in clean eating to the mix. I was so annoyed and frustrated and figured it was my second kid and I would just never loose the weight. I was working my "butt off" literally and nothing was changing. I was eating 100 calorie snack packs, light sour cream,  the flavored yogurts, and diet pepsi. I ate Turkey Sandwiches with light mayo as my lunch and Canned soups. I thought this was perfectly healthy!! I thought I was doing everything right. This may "SEEM" healthy to most. I mean I could of went out and grabbed a cheese burger and fries but in reality this was just as damaging. I wasn't feeding my body with WHOLE/NATURAL Foods and instead was packing in the sodium and storing the saturated fats.  This is why I wasn't able to loose weight is because I wasn't feeling my body properly for such hard cardio workouts and I lacked energy. I fueled my body with sugar free Redbulls and felt like CRUD! 
So this is where my journey began only a year and 1/2 ago. 
I started TurboFire followed the schedule EXACTLY, started on Shakeology, and started my eat clean journey. I lost 35 lbs in 90 days and felt amazing. I think the biggest thing was the new found energy I had. I was so EXCITED about my results when I put my before and after picture side by side that I just had to share my results. It was a little scary for me but I knew that If I would just be brave enough that I could have the opportunity to change just one persons life. I had no idea where Beachbody Coaching was going to lead me but I knew that I wanted to make an impact. 

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After I was given this amazing opportunity I was able to see what It was providing for the coaches around me. I wanted to set big goals for myself. I had no idea where I was going to go, how I was going to get there, and if I would even make it but I sat down and wrote out my goals and dream board.

My Goals Included: 

*Becoming a 2013 Premere Coach
*Making 3 Star by the end of 2013 
*Making SC 10 every month 
* Qualify for the Success Club Cruise and Earn $1,000 Spending Money 
* Bring 5 of my coaches to Summit 2014 with me
* Become a Top 10 Beachbody Coach
* Take 2 coaches with me on the Success Club Cruise 
* Help Chalenge at least 50 lives through health and fitness 
* Help 5 coaches Live in Financial Freedom and Change their Life
* Earn $5,000 a month through Beachbody Coaching

Some of these goals are still in the process of happening because although I've come a long way I still have a long way to go in my journey

I am BEYOND blessed to say that more then HALF of these have happened and it's just amazing to slowly see each and every one come true. All of this slowly began to happen just by me sharing my own personal tips, trips, recipes, and life through clean eating and exercise. I didn't do anything magically I only shared my life and inspired others to begin their own health and fitness journey. 
I started with running my own small challenge groups where people were beginning to get results and of course I was excited. These people were excited so they began sharing these results with friends and family who then started contacting me to join my next group. Eventually these people who started their own healthy and fitness journey wanted to start doing what I do daily and duplicate the process with their customers. They wanted to Inspire others and I started to develop this amazing team of coaches called TEAM ROCKSTARS!! We are still small and growing but it's so crazy to think that so much has happened in only a year. I can't even imagine what will take place in another year or two. 

Just 12 Months Ago I started with Little ol' me and Now have a team of at least 100 coaches. I helped over 100 completely change their life through health and fitness and now have a team that was in the same spot that I was only a year ago. They are just starting their businesses, a little unsure of where they are going, but excited for what the future holds. They are DREAMING BIG. 

What is this Team RockStars !?!? 

It's my amazing team that I created and we are under the #2 team in all of Beachbody - The Dream Team. Are you starting to see how the Ripple Effect works in this business? It's amazing how much ONE person can change EVERYTHING. Our team focuses on DUPLICATION! I provide my team with the tools, strategies, and tips that have allowed me to build a successful business. This system is easy for anyone to follow and each new coach is addd to a coach apprenticeship program go give each person the support and understanding they need to be successful. I didn't just wake up one day and become a successful coach. It took guidance, training, consistency, and belief from my team and myself that I was capable of doing this. I was there to provide my customers and challengers with the BEST support system out there. I lead by example and I showed up each day ready to grow and inspire the individuals around me. That's what I want to teach you. Because this business is all about showing love, understanding, care, and respect towards each other so that we can HELP one another reach our goals in life. You don't have to know everything about social media, you don't have to be at your goal weight in life, you don't have to have a marketing or accounting degree to be a successful coach you just have to have an open heart, a wiliness to learn, and the drive and determination to push through any circumstance. 

Each of these little things done RIGHT daily is what makes you successful. It's the determination to grow yourself daily through personal development, push through rough times, and show up daily no matter what. You must be ready to get a little uncomfortable so that you can grow in to the person you were meant to be. You must push yourself a little more and more each day and even more then you think is possible. That's were I come in to inspire you, help you dream big, and push you to reach these big scary goals. Whatever they may be - big or small. They are YOURS and I want to help you make them come true. I truly have such a HUGE LOVE for my Team. 

So here I am today reaching a HUGE milestone in my business and am a 2 Star Qualifying Premiere Coach. It's not official official yet. We have 6 weeks to hold this rank to make it official but I'm so excited I could not contain it. This was a goal I really had no idea I would meet. If you would of asked me about 2 months ago if this would be possible I would of probably told you NO. But my Team inspired me to dream big, tell my fears to HUSH, and go at this will FULL DETERMINATION. 

Two Star Diamond Coach means that I have 2 Personal Sponsored Diamond Coaches under me as well as my entire amazing team of coaches. I also qualified as a premiere coach and this is a goal that only the top precentage of BeachBody Coaches Earn. It means that I'm continuing to grow my business and team, It means that I qualify for floor seats at Summit and VIP passes, it means that I have an all expense paid cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands next March. How stinking Exciting is this!? 


I didn't do all of this alone!! This all came to pass and to come with a lot of TEAM WORK!! Lots of trust and communication! I want to introduce my two very first starts on my team. One is my husbands team that I actually developed into a Diamond team but the other one is a person that I hold dear to my heart and am so grateful for daily. This is a person I would of never connected with if it hadn't been for Beachbody. We have an amazing friendship and I am so honored to call her a Leader on My team. Together we are fighting the trend of obesity, brining a little light into others lives, and helping others build confidence and happiness. We are doing something MEANINGFUL in this world and we are doing it TOGETHER! 

Sally Walker - My very first Diamond, Best Friend, Partner in Crime, Always understanding, Loyal, and is all around an amazing person. She is building her own amazing team because she truly loves helping others succeed at anything they want to. Love this girl and so glad to have her. She had an amazing transformation in only 4 weeks with Slim in Six and I just know this girl is going to be by my side till the end. So lucky and blessed to have her on my team. 
My second Diamond and My husband is another person I truly want to honor 

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Spencer Hedine - I don't always give him a lot of credit for all that he does but with out him I would not be where I am. It's a TEAM effort. He takes the kids when he gets home so that I can work, check in with challenge groups, make videos, or blog. He wakes up early and let's me sleep in when i've stayed up too late working the night before. He does the dishes and helps with the laundry. He is the BEST husband a girl could ask for. I would not be the person I am today with out him in my life. People often ask me how I have the time to take care of my household, my kids, and run a successful business and I'll tell you my little secret is my husband. He never complains if i didn't get around to cooking dinner or finishing up the housework. He jumps in and helps. I'm beyond blessed to have him by my side. I know that not everyone has the support of their other half and it makes things more difficult for sure but I'm blessed to say I DO.

It doesn't only stop at my Diamonds!! My team is exploding and together we are all so much better. We choose to live happy. We are Mom's that get to stay home in our PJ's, Play with our Kiddos, and play on FB all day just sharing our journey and tips along the way. We have the opportunity to inspire others and we don't even have to get dressed up to do it. In fact right now i'm sitting in my PJ's my daughter cuddled next to me and watching cartoons. Life is GOOD and I want to share this with as many people as I can because I promise you it's possible. Not only are we Stay at Home Mom's but we are active duty military, Full time working Mommies who have a love and hobby of fitness. My coaches are all different people with all different goals. We share these goals together and DREAM BIG! 

If you have a love for health and fitness, just want to live life on your OWN terms, stay home with your kiddos, inspire others, make a difference then maybe you should consider becoming a coach on my team. I am thankful everyday that my leader presented me with this opportunity and now I want to share this gift with you. I'm not a special person, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary or crazy to get here, I'm a normal person who is on a MISSION to SUCCEED and share this success with my team. 

Here is a video I made that explains how I created this successful business. 

If you are interested in becoming a coach on my team I am launching a coach apprenticeship program for new coaches on my team on January 6th. If you would like more information on becoming a coach on my team please fill out this application below to be considered. If you are reading this and have that GUT feeling that this could be something you would really ROCK at then you HAVE to jump on this. I felt the same exact way only a year ago when this was presented to me. I wasn't sure that this was something I wanted to do but I felt that feeling inside so I just went with it and it has turned into something amazing. Do you know your purpose? Do you know what gets you excited and going each day? Are you truly LIVING LIFE!??! 

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Not only do I have this opportunity for you but if you are just interested in listing in on how some TOP coaches on our team became successful then you have a chance to listen in on a LIVE webinar Wednesday December 4th. No strings attached ... just a chance to listen and get an idea of what we do as coaches daily and how we have turned this passion into an income. 

Shoot an E-mail to get the link. 

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