Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Have you ever thought about BECOMING a BEACH BODY COACH!?!? 

Do you enjoy clean eating? Working out? Have a Beachbody program and have completed it? Do you love fitness, working out, but need extra accountability to stay on track with your goals? Do you have a certification in personal training or nutrition? Have you ever thought about working in the fitness industry but just can't find a job that is willing to pay you a good income? 

This is my beautiful family ... and everything I do is for them!! I want my beautiful girls to know the difference in healthy food and junk. I want them to choose fruit over chicken nuggets. They deserve the world and I want to give it to them. I didn't grow up a healthy lifestyle and my WHY and REASON is MY GIRLS & MY FAMILY!! 

If any of the above apply to you, you might be a good fit for my team!! I became a coach 10 months ago, finished my own challenge group doing TurboFire, lost 35lbs in 90 days and I have learned how to eat clean!! The response I got from my results blew me away and I knew that I wanted to share this journey with others and inspire them to be better!! 

The tips I share with my challengers and FB Friends
 Since that day I joined as a coach and have followed the pattern of our team by offering challenge groups from the curriculum that our team created, created Monday Mindset videos for the groups, check in daily, motivation support, and accountability. From that moment I begin to reach success through these amazing challenge groups. I then developed a team of coaches through the transformations and they also became my close friends and are developing their own successful business. Sounds so EASY - Too good to be TRUE ... But I meant it!! This is the real DEAL! I never in a million years thought that this opportunity of just wanting to feel good in a bathing suit would turn into such a dream job. All I did was SHARE recipes, SHARE tips, and SHARED my life struggles.  Through my own personal journey, I was able to build a business that I love waking up to everyday. I also have a team of coaches who are also passionate about helping others and making an impact. These coaches aren't only my teammates but they are my FRIENDS! Just about every close friend of mine is also a coach on my team. 

A few of my coaches, challengers, and FRIENDS!! 
Now I want to invite YOU .. My amazing peers, future friends, and team mates to a low key informative call this evening with the coaches on my team. My mentor and sponsor Melanie Mitro is going to share with you how our team is ran, what we do each day to be so successful, what we expect of our team members, and how you can get in on this! Seriously, no strings attached you just log in and listen. There will be a spot to type in any questions that you may have but you really just relax and listen to all the good information. 

After the call we can get together via e-mail, Facebook, or call and see if this opportunity could be for you. It may be PERFECT for you & it may not be ... but you will never know unless you log in and listen. 

So here it is ... Just 10 months ago, I went from just wanting to get my body back after having my second baby girl to paying off credit card bills I thought would take years to pay off, taking my husband on vacations - PAID IN FULL, and finally feeling like I am part of something and have meaning. I suffered with low self esteem and negative body image. Beachbody has allowed me to slowly find purpose, love my babies and husband more, and become the person I have always wanted to become. I'm able to take my husband on an all expense paid cruise in March - all paid from BB just by doing what I love. You could have this too ...
I'm just like you!! My house is messy, I have two young kids, I have school work to help with, my own workouts to do, dinner to make but I make time for this. I have come up with a plan that works for me and allows me to have the best of both worlds. I have been consistant since day one and have done the right things to get these results. I love what I do and want to show you how to balance it all and create a plan to get the same success if you join my team. 

Together we are BETTER!! Just ordinary people ready to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Contact Me to get the info to log in to the call tonight. 9:00 PM EST 

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