Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 3 of T-25

YES, this is the face of a person who DRAGGED their butt out of bed at 5:30 am to get their BUTT kicked!! Totally wasn't excited this morning but I got it DONE SON! Loving the changes in my body! 

 This program is slowly getting DONE! I got sick during week two so had to redo that!! I want to make sure I get the best results so went ahead and re did week 2 and now i'm FINALLY on week 4!! WOOT WOOT! Almost to Beta Phase. The sickness has totally hit the Island and my kiddos have gotten it TWICE! But it's not stopping this Momma ... I'm getting it done. My challengers are seriously getting the most AMAZING results!!! I'm so proud of them! Some of my girls are getting numbers like 9lbs in 1 1/2 weeks! INSANE!! With only 25 minutes a day / 5 days a week!! It kicks your booty but in a good way. I really am getting the hang of it this week. Of course the workouts are still tough but i'm getting better and better each day. My challenge group is motivating me to BRING MY A GAME!!! 

I LOVE the Abs track on T-25!! Totally engages my core and I am starting to see some serious progress!! Hoping by the end of Bata phase those abs will be POPPING! 

I also came up with the most AMAZING meal this week ahhhh.... My new favorite and I could seriously eat it every single day if I had to!!! Really simple to make and I posted the recipe here

TRY IT! Sweet Potato hash browns with a fried egg and sautéed veggies!! AMAZEBALLS! 

This week in food was awesome!! I decided to experiment a little more, share more recipes, and mix it up a bit so I could stay on track and enjoy the food I was eating. It worked. LOVED it all! 

Here is my meal plan for Week 3. Got some new recipes on there from the undressed skeleton. Her recipes seriously ROCK! Love her website. Not all of her meals are 100% clean but most are pretty close! 

Rocked my meal plan this week and totally plan on posting the Kale Chips Recipe soon! SO good especially if you love chips and need something crunchy. 

This weeks workouts were 

Monday - Total Body Circuit <----- SERIOUSLY KILLER
Tuesday - Speed 1.0 <--- My favorite 
Wednesday - Lower Focus <---- OMG my butt hurts thinking about it :)
Thursday - Cardio 
Friday - Ab Intervals WOOT WOOT & TurboKick Class. 
Saturday - I add this day in because I LOVE LOVE TurboKick and wouldn't ever plan on missing it. 
Sunday - REST/Church/Meal Prep 

Shakeology this week was the BOMB.COM! I seriously don't think I could function daily with out Shakeology. It gives me everything my body needs in one delicious glass. All natural nothing artificial and I don't have to spend a fortune getting all the goodies for my body and have it taste like CRAP! I mean have you tasted wheat grass BLAH! I'll stick with chocolate <3 Energy in a glass ... I have to hid in the bathroom to get my shakeology before my kids are asking me for drinks. 

Ahhhhh... Loving the results! I feel so great about myself and that seriously is the most important over all things. How you feel on the inside!! The way you speak and look at yourself. Nothing can replace the kind words and positive energy that is brought into your life when you feel 100% confident and beautiful. That's my hope to earn from this program above all and to give to others. 

YUP!! Never giving up! 

I would love to add you in my next challenge group if you are looking for some accountability, support, motivation, and more menu plans!! ASK ME HOW! 

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