Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friend Egg and Sweet Potato Hash

This seriously is a meal that I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! SO amazing!! This is my go to meal from now on!!

So, CONFESSION!! I totally missed the MONDAY MEAL PLAN post!! I'm so sorry!! I had a teething baby girl this week and it's been tough in this house but I'm making it up to you by trying new recipes all week and posting a new recipe the rest of the week. Want to share some new fresh ideas with you to rev up your meal plans.

FOR SURE try this !! Perfect Saturday or Sunday morning brunch.

I took a whole sweet potato and shredded it using a cheese grater. I didn't use the whole potato for myself but if you were feeding your family you could use the whole thing. I grated the whole potato and put the rest in the fridge to use for later. Quick easy and grab ...

I then cut up a zucchini and squash.

I put a little olive oil in the pan. Heated it and then threw in a handful of sweet potato hash.

Sautéed it and then when it was almost done I threw in the zucchini and squash. I seasoned the veggies and potatoes with Mrs Dash's onion herb seasoning. One of my favorites. You can also add in some chili powder to give it a kick.

I then removed the hash and veggies from the pan and fried an egg over medium. I wanted the yolk runny.

Topped the Sweet potato hash with my egg and then added a bit of pepper and feta.

AMAZING! You could even add in an onion or any veggies you like. I also added in mushrooms a few times.

Enjoy this meal! It really is AMAZING!

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And of course i'm always here to help you create your own meal plans, get extra support, and get back on track.

Let me know what you think of this!! SO GOOD!

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