Monday, August 12, 2013

Challenge Group Transformation Stories

Today is normally when I post a Monday Meal Plan and I still Plan on doing that but really wanted to share a few transformation stories that really stuck out to me over these last few months. If you keep up with my blog and Facebook page you know that I run monthly challenge groups through closed Facebook Groups. In the group we assign accountability partners, create menu plans together, and set goals.

The people in my challenge group, WHEN DEDICATED, and follow everything that is given to them get amazing results. I'm always so humbled, excited, and blessed to share the results of the ones that don't mind. I'm able to share with you a little piece of the results that come out of these challenge groups.

In this post I would like to share the results of these three challengers and give you a little inside peak of what we share in these challenge groups. It's more then just another accountability group. We dig deep into the reason that each person is joining and how they will feel once accomplishing their goals.

Ashley came to me 4 months ago looking to feel better, have more energy, and gain back her health. She's a busy momma and needing something to get her back on track. This challenge group works perfect because she can workout from home and replace one meal a day with Shakeology. This makes everything so much easier because it's one meal she doesn't even have to think about but gives her the nutrients her body needs. She never gave up and joined challenge after challenge. In 4 months she is showing amazing results. These type of transformations truly inspire me. Insanity, clean eating, and Shakeology. 

"I am pretty excited about my results so far and can't wait to continue getting better. I love being part of a group that has a common goal. Whenever I'm struggling throughout the day I just go to the group and see that everyone has the same struggles."

Megan continues to go strong in my challenge groups and her results are amazing!! She isn't giving up and doesn't plan on slowing down. She wrote an amazing blog post about her journey.

 "I reached out to Marlena. She helped save my life.  I'm still in a challenge group. Still going strong, and still not giving up. I'm doing ChaLEAN extreme, T25, and walking 3 miles(at least) 4-7 days a week. 
I was asked again to write my goals out and I set them so low, because a part of me thought I would quit. I started the challenge at about 220lbs.( the heaviest I had ever been) I now weigh about 205lbs. My one week goal was to not quit, and I didn't even slow down!"

Missy joined my challenge group with TurboFire and has been rocking it since day one. She always checks in with the group sharing her recipes, her run time, and how many calories she has burned. She has been crazy motivated since day one and even just completed the 3 day Shakeology cleanse loosing 3lbs in 3 days. Jump started her journey and is continuing with T-25. I love watching her journey and love how open she is with sharing it. She is going to do amazing things! 

I truly love having the opportunity to run these challenge groups because I get to witness and be apart of these type of transformations each and everyday. I don't do anything special but inspire others to reach their goals!! Together we are better and together it's SO much easier!!! 

If you are looking to join my challenge groups please don't be scared or in fear of coming to me!! I love what I do and open up my heart to all who are ready to make the change. I run challenges every month and as long as I continue results and transformations will be produced. Not because of me but because the people who join and are ready to use everything I give them and make it happen. 

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