Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Transformation Time Again!!! SAY WHAT!?!?

I can NOT believe that we are already at 60 day transformations in my first challenge group of this year. I shared with you some of their 30 day results and now I'm here to share with you some 60 day transformations and also some 30 day transformations from another group of ladies ROCKING IT!

I put EVERYTHING into my challenge groups because It's truly where my passion lies. I stay up long nights working to make things perfect and successful. I wake up early to get my workouts in and work on me and then run straight to my computer to see how my challengers are doing and answer any questions that I have. I help them create menu plans, share recipes, and support them through their whole journey. I wouldn't have it ANY other way. I love this little busy life of mine!! I juggle being a full time online student, a stay at home Mom to two beautiful girls, Coaching multiple challenge groups and a total of about 45 ladies at this moment.. All at different stages in their journey. Yes, we aren't all perfect and some of us have fallen but It's my job to pick them back up and get them back on track. It's not about how long it takes or how fast you go but it's about GETTING THERE! Feeling better about yourself, changing your life, living a more positive, confident, and fulfilling life. THIS is what the Dream Team Challenge is all about!!

Together we can make your dreams of fitting into those jeans you have envisioned slipping on for years. Think now .... You have kept a pair of jeans from high school - JUST IN CASE! You imagine fitting back in them one day but that dream seems so far and impossible to fulfill...that you have put that dream aside .... Well what if 90 days you tried them on and not only do they fit - But they are loose? How would you feel?

These are the kind of dreams that seems impossible but suddenly come possible!! I will NOT let you fail!

I want to share with you some amazing success stories. Ask any one of these ladies if they weren't skeptical at first? Of course they were. There are so many diet gimmicks and quick fixes out there that it's hard to believe that this one could ACTUALLY BE THE ONE! Little did they know that they would see results and not only see results but feel better and create a whole new lifestyle - No gimmicks, no starving, and no quick fixes that will only leave you ready to quit and right back in to your old ways and putting on even MORE weight.

I'm so excited to share their success! I'm so very proud of these ladies that put in the hard work, dedication, and made the time!! I know it wasn't easy .. the beginning never is but they have created habits and are only getting better each day that goes by!!

Hannah has been in my challenge group for 60 days now. She has always been a fan of the Beachbody Programs and has used them but never really committed to finishing a whole program in a challenge group setting. Life lead us to each other and she decided to join the 90 day challenge group and shed her baby weight. Her little one is now 6 months old and just look at this Momma!! I mean come on!!!! 6 months postpartum and ROCKING IT! She has committed to P90X and Shakeology!! HELLO BOMBSHELL!

"Marlena, Meeting you has literally changed my life!! You cannot know how amazing this journey has been for me and how you and this challenge group have changed my way of looking at reaching my goals!" - Hannah 

I pretty much cried after readying her comments and THIS IS WHY I COACH!! 

The next challenger is a 47 year old Momma that has committed to eating clean, replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, and Slim in 6 . In only 30 days she lost 9.5 lbs and 6.5 inches. WOW. My mouth literally dropped when she submitted these pictures. 

"I can't tell you how excited I am to see my waist coming back! I actually have a curve there!! I also have collar bones again, YAY! I didn't realize I could loose weight in my next but I definitely have. It's been a very long time since I've been able to succeed at loose weight and I'm really just thrilled with my progress so far. I CAN'T WAIT to see my 90 day pictures. This 47 year old Momma is going to ROCK IT. Thank you for everything you doing to help me along the way"

So proud of her .. Right now she is enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas with her family and I bet she is LOVING how she feels in her Bikini. She even committed to brining her workout videos with her and bought a small blender to pack in her suit case to have her Shakeology. It's called COMMITMENT and DEDICATION! How bad to you want it!?!?

Ashley is a new Mommy to a beautiful baby boy. She is also a fellow Air Force Wife and was eager to loose the extra baby weight. Fate brought us together and we were really able to connect being fellow military wives. I am so blessed to have her in my challenge group. She is such a beautiful girl and I am so excited for where this journey is taking her. She looks amazing. She committed to my soul mate work out TurboFire and Shakeology. Most challengers send in their pictures thinking that their isn't much change - BUT as you can see ... HELLO, She looks AHHMAZING and there is a huge change. She has come such a long way and I am so proud of her progress. Life isn't always easy juggling Mommy Duties and a workout program but she DID IT and still has 30 days to go. How can it get any better!? Her 90 day pictures are going to blow me away. I can feel it.
"Marlena, You have been a blessing in my life!! I've become a better happier person and this group is awesome. All the ladies are so sweet! We are all in this together"

I am SO blessed!! Just look at how one decision I made June of last year impacted so many others lives. I decide to join the Beachbody challenge group with my coach last June. I lost 35 lbs with TurboFire and Shakeology. NOW I am able to pay it forward and help impact and change others lives. What would of happened if I never joined that challenge. Where would I be today? I wouldn't be able to make an impact on others and then in turn have them inspire others with their own transformations. It's a ripple effect. Where would I be if my coach didn't join the beachbody challenge and have a goal of loosing her baby weight and then choose to become a coach? Who knows where any of us would be! All we know that the knowlege we have is GOOD and it's so GOOD that we can't keep it to ourselves. We have to share it with the world!! Join my next challenge - You won't regret it. I hope this inspires you to take a leap of faith and invest in your health. You really have NOTHING to loose. All programs and supplements have a money back guarantee. I want you to succeed SO bad. I want it as bad as you do! I KNOW you can do it - because I've seen what others can do. I've seen what I can do!! These programs work. These challenge groups work and they are TOO good not to share with you.

Let this be your inspiration to take that leap of faith and change your life so that one day you may inspire and change someone else - All by one Decision that you decided to make that one day.

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I'm here to help you. I want you to feel as great as the above Women. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Goals are just dreams with a Deadline!!