Sunday, February 8, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme is Here - Meal Plan and Prep

It's about to get Real - 21 Day Fix Extreme is HERE! 

I just got my 21 Day Fix Extreme in the mail YESTERDAY and I was STOKED that I got it before Monday. That means it's time for some MEAL PREPPING straight out of the nutrition plan that comes with the program. I want to create a plan that fits for me and my lifestyle, that's the beauty of this. You are given a guide line and then create what works for you. I am 100% committed to completing two rounds of this program before leaving for Cancun in April, on a trip that was earned through Team Beachbody. AHHH, I know this program is going to give me the results i'm looking to get to fit in that itty bitty bikini and feel AWESOME!

21 day fix extreme meal planning

So I am READY to start Monday. I spent the entire morning planning everything out so that I could give this my all. I printed out the 21 Day Fix Tracking Sheets from the Team Beachbody Website, These totally get me through the day and keep me on track. I also know there are tons of 21 day fix apps that you can download from the app store. I am just a paper and pen person. It works for me and totally keeps me 100% on track. 

To create my menu plan I use an excel spreadsheet that I created, I fill in my workouts and my meals and stick this baby on the fridge so it takes the guess work out of the entire week. Sundays are my day to evaluate the fridge and head to the store to get the things needed for the week. I like to be prepared for the week and have exactly what I need for each recipe and meal. It's the only way to prep for success. If not it will be too easy to just settle with something off the menu plan and get totally off track. It's frustrating so take that little bit of time to plan. 

21 day fix extreme meal plan
My 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan - Based on Category 1 

This week i'm sticking with the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan. There is also an option to follow Autumns Bikini Comp plan, but I think i'll start off with getting to know the program, getting my allotments in check, and really giving it all with this nutrition plan. I have been having one too many extras lately and i'm ready to lock it in tight before getting too crazy :) OF COURSE a good crazy. Crazy = AWESOME RESULTS!

The first week is always a bit more difficult because you are getting use to the moves, the new meal plan, and it just takes a little bit to get it right. I'm not going to beat myself up, just do my best and know that the more I do it the easier it will get. Week TWO is always better because you are getting use to the routine. 

I'm taking my before pictures today. It honestly is the only way to really get a good measurement of your success because the scale lies. I've learned this through my own personal journey and watching others journey. If you don't feel like you are getting anywhere with the scale compare your measurements and pictures. I bet you will see a difference. Another way I like to measure success is by a pair of jeans that is tight or too small. I will try them on weekly and see how they feel. That's actually one of the best feelings when they start getting loose. 

If you are starting a new workout routine or just want to start on the path of clean eating I encourage you to start doing a weekly meal plan. I really preach this in my challenge groups. It's easy to get off track if you don't have a plan. With out it being written down you could forget what's on your meal plan, not have the things you need in the house, and will most likely be making bad choices because you will let yourself get so hungry you don't care what you eat, you just want to EAT! I know i get like this. I have to have a plan or I will just eat whatever is close at the time. If you are SERIOUS about getting results, make a meal plan NOW! 

You do need a set of light weights, a set of heavy weights, and a resistance band. 
I personally use 5 lb ,  8 lb, and 10 lb weights. You will be using the resistance band many times in this program so you want to make sure you have one. They aren't very much and you can get them pretty much anywhere. Walmart, Academy, and Target for sure. 

I have my GAME FACE ON and I'm totally ready to bring it!!! 

The Fix Extreme is all about NO TREATS OR CHEATS! This is the REAL DEAL PEEPS! If you want to look SMOKING for an EVENT or Vacation this is it! If you have those last 10 pounds to loose. this will get you there. It's always the hardest getting rid of that last bit. I know this is where the MONEY is at. Going EXTREME is the only way to get those abs popping and that booty smoking. It's hard to keep those results forever but if you have something coming up this is PERFECT and then you can go in maintenance mode and hop back on when you want it again. This can TOTALLY BE DONE! Team Beachbody has coaches like me to ENSURE you get those results you want. To provide you with the support, daily motivation, accountability, and daily tips to get you from start to finish. 

If you would like to join my 21 Day Fix Extreme Launch Group. Please complete the application below. 

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