Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to start your Monday out RIGHT and stay motivated all week long!

I know we all have the best intentions and always say "MONDAY, i'll start out fresh!! This will be the week" but then Monday rolls around and something goes wrong and you are right back where you started and again say .. "Tomorrow" or "Monday, i'll wait for next monday"

Let's not let this week be one of those week. I have some tips that will set this week up to be DIFFERENT and SUCCESSFUL other then the past weeks.

I do want to say that just because you have one bad day in the week or one bad moment that you shouldn't just throw in the towel for the whole day or week. Jump right back on track!! Scratch it and move on. Don't beat yourself up just promise to do better and forget it. We aren't perfect all the time and it happens to all of us. What matters is what you do from that point.

Let's make this week STAND OUT by setting it up for SUCCESS! 

1. Plan your workouts for the week. Sit down and write out every workout that you are going to do for the week and what time you have planned to do it!! This time is a meeting and a commitment you have made to yourself!!! So if someone asks you if you can meet them during this time your answer is, NO! You have already committed. Look at your calendar and work around your plans. So if that means you have to get up early to get it done .. DO IT! You will feel so much better to have it out of the way. 

2. Plan your meals and snacks in advance. Prepping and planning your meals is CRUCIAL to your success!! PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE!!! Just try it this week and see how much different your week is! Promise it will make things so much easier for you and with your snacks prepped you won't be starving and just resort to whatever is in front of you. I've been there!! I get cranky when i'm hungry. I like to plan out all my meals and snacks on Sunday of the week before, grocery shop, and then prep, chop, and cook everything needed. I'll chop my veggies, grill chicken breast for wraps and salads, make a batch of pinto/black beans to toss with some quinoa/rice in case of an emergency, portion, wash, and bag up my fruits and veggies, and have it all set and ready to go. This makes my week less stressful. Of course I always have my shakeology packets in my purse for outings, an apple, and a 100 cal pouch of almonds. These items are ALWAYS in my purse everywhere I go. I also carry around a bottle of water with lemon in it :) Love my lemon water!! PLAN YO WEEK! Promise promise it makes it so easy!!

Here is my week of clean eats. I like to put my workout and meals all together and post it on the fridge.

3. Wash all of your workouts clothes and make sure they are folded and put away. When you have your clothes all clean, smelling nice, and ready to go it makes things less stressful. You don't have to search around the house for clean clothes to wear. I like to set my clothes out the night before along with my shoes and socks so that right when I get up that's the first thing I put on!! Wakes up and I rock my workout out first thing in the morning!! I also love buying new workout clothes. Gets me excited about working out!! Kind of like wearing new clothes on the first day of school. You look forward to it. Especially if they are cute. New workout clothes make me HAPPY! 

4. Find an accountability partner or group. Having someone to hold you accountable, push you, and motivate you is IMPORTANT!!! This will get your butt out of bed even on days when you really just want to sleep. I text my workout buddies every morning and we wake each other up, tell each other to crush it, and then come back with our sweaty pictures!! LOVE IT! Totally gets me going!! Love my challenge groups where we are able to rate how we did each day and share recipes. Totally gets me going on days I stay up too late or have some other lousy excuse

5. Get your workout done FIRST thing in the morning! If all possible get your workout done first thing in the morning!!! This will give you more energy for the day, put you a great mood, and leaves less room for excuses. If you get up first thing by the time the end of the day comes you won't have the excuse "Ah, i'll just do my workout tomorrow .. I'm too tired" or something won't come up!! Make that appointment first thing in the morning and don't let any excuse creep in!! 
6. No matter WHAT, don't give up!! Even if you screw up ... don't give up !! Pick up and keep going!! Reward yourself for sticking to it with a new workout out fit, a pedicure, new outfit, put a dollar in a jar for every time you get your workout in!! Never give up!! Always keep going!! Speak positivity in your life and know that you are in this for LIFE! This is a habit you are creating and a LIFESTYLE! You are not a quitter and you don't need a Monday to start!! Make this week SHINE!!! 

If you are looking for more support through your journey join my fit family!! 

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