Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Weeks Worth of Family Approved CLEAN Dinners!!

I think the most common question I am asked is "HOW DO I MEAL PLAN"!?!? "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO PAIR WITH WHAT!?" I think what ends up happening is something like this ...

You decide that you are going to start eating healthy/clean and living a healthier life. You google .. You come up with A TON of different solutions. You find some awesome dinner ideas. You start to make a list and then just get overwhelmed and give up. I can relate because guess what!?!? I was there only a year ago.

I had no idea what I was suppose to eat. I went to the gym, hired a trainer, joined a program, and was told what to eat.

I got no where .... FAST! I didn't loose weight. I begin to log everything in and became obsessed with it that I was stressed out and was sad. I don't want you to feel that way. If I do nothing else as a coach, I  at least want to help people learn that eating clean is not complicated. I am so thankful that I was able to learn these simple things because it changed my life.

If you aren't sure what clean eating is you can look at my clean eating 101 blog post

I want to make things simpler for you each Monday i'm going to post 5 dinner meals that you can use for that week. I'll call it Clean Eating Mondays!! So be sure to check back every Monday. I know it's Tuesday but I have been sick :( But i still wanted to get this too you!! So here is your week of clean dinners. All delicious and quick to make.

Monday-  Chicken Fajitas

TuesdayTurkey Meat Loaf place the sweet potato in the oven at 450 degrees for 45 mins coat the outside with olive oil. Comes out PERFECT! Cut open when done dizzle a little EVOO and some sea salt and pepper. It's perfect. I also like to add a side of steamed green beans. 

Wednesday - TurboFire Chili

Thursday - Pita Pizza

Friday - Blackened Tilapia with Cilantro Cole Slaw

I hope this makes planning your week so much easier!! I know that in the beginning it's tough to get the hang of a new life change but I know that if you keep it up, in no time planning and eating clean will become a part of your life!! You will enjoy the way you feel and the energy you have.

If you are looking for extra support, motivation, and extra help in clean eating join my next challenge group! It's so much easier when you surround yourself with like minded individuals.

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