Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Body Pump/TurboFire 8 Week RESULTS!!

I know most of you that follow me are probably wondering where in the world my results and weekly posts are for my Hybrid I've been doing!?!? RIGHT!?!?! Well If not, that's okay too but I seriously DID get some awesome results. Didn't loose much weight but I can totally see the difference in my body. I'm SO excited to reveal my results to you.

I did do Turbo Kick the last few weeks instead of TurboFire but they are pretty much the same only one you do in the gym and the other at home. I am getting Turbo Kick certified and wanted to get some experience in a live class before teaching it myself.

Here is where I started 8 weeks ago .... Start of TurboFire/Pump Hyrbrid

TurboFire is seriously one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE workouts!!! It is so much fun and it's a party every time you push play!! It is the first at home program I ever did and I lost 35lbs in 90 days. Didn't even feel like working out just felt like FUN! I danced, kicked, and punched my way to a better me!!

Les Mills Body Pump is an AWESOME Strength training class. Fun music and it works the entire body with a barbell and weights. The music is really what got me into it. Not only is it fun but it totally transforms your body.

So are you ready for my results? I also followed the clean eating stripped plan for the last 3 weeks of this program. I wanted to be lean and mean for our Beachbody Vegas Trip. The stripped plan really made me feel good and confident. If you want to read up on the stripped plan check out this blog post
Here <------  All my meal plans and what I ate during this 8 weeks are in these blog posts.

I want you to know that you can do the same!! You can be happy, healthy, confident and just look in in a bikini. I want to be that person to help you learn how to create a lifestyle and have fun while you are working out.

I am seriously in the best shape of my LIFE! I feel amazing and nothing is going to hold me back from what I want in life! I have now realized that everything in life is MIND OVER MATTER!! If you want the body of your dreams ... DO IT
If you want to make enough money to support your family and then some ... DO IT
If you want to get your family on track with eating healthy and improve your health .. DO IT
If you want to do amazing things and have this burning desire to be bigger then what you can even imagine .. GO OUT AND DO IT!

Overcoming these challenges in my life have made me a believer that everything in life is possible. Society bets on us quitting and giving up .. BUT NOT ME! I know better. I know that with constancy, hard work, belief, and faith ANYTHING you want in life is possible.

I have always been a big dreamer since I was little. I was an over weight teen that didn't know how to eat right, suffered from depression, and had suicidal thoughts because I was bullied all through out middle and high school. I had absoloutly no friends, wore a size 13, and would do anything to be part of the "cool" crowd.

I always dreamed of being something bigger, being someone that meant something to others, and becoming something BIG! I didn't know what that was yet. I had a rough start on life but in time I found my way and have no learned that when you don't give up, you keep fighting, and you follow that burning desire, YOU WILL SUCCEED!


This is SO TRUE! If you want to win you have to decide and commit to following your dreams and desires. That means making sacrifices, working hard, and never giving up.

It's not easy to do alone but I want you to know that I've BEEN THERE! I've been in the same exact spot as some of you .. I've wished, blamed others for not getting what I want, and blamed life. As soon as I took the blame off of others and put it on myself THINGS BEGAN TO HAPPEN!

I have a beautiful family, an amazing husband, I'm healthy, I am financially stable, I'm able to make an impact on the world, and I have the body I always wished to have.

Sure, i'm not perfect. I make mistakes everyday but I NEVER give up and I choose to take those mistakes and failures and use them to learn.

So let me leave you with this today ... Do you choose to keep going down the same path or are you going to make a choice today to be HAPPY!?

If you are ready to challenge yourself mentally and physically and change the direction of your life
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Join my next challenge, inspire others to do the same, and BE HAPPY!

I am so thankfully for my GOD! Once I let go and LET HIM lead me ... Everything came together and I can now make a difference in others.