Monday, April 22, 2013

Operation LAS VEGAS - Les Mills Body Pump / TubroFire Hybrid

It's time to ROCK The Hybrid and get LEAN & MEAN!

I have 60 days till I'm on a plane to Las Vegas for our Beachbody Summit. It's going to be an amazing weekend filled with friends, knowledge, and inspiration. I just can't wait! What better way to get motivated than by going to Las Vegas?!? I can't think of a better reason to push play. Not only to just look good because of OTHERS but because of MYSELF! I want to feel confident with myself and proud of my accomplishments. I'm not the type of girls to flaunt my body around. I am more about being healthy and feeling confident inside. I've tired many times to get motivated and between coaching others, taking care of my kids, and being a military wife .. I just couldn't find the time to work on ME! It was so easy to just push my workout aside to write a blog post, or talk to one of my challengers, or snuggle with my babies. However, THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT! I've attempted 3 times to get this down and I think the THIRD time is a charm. My MIL was in town and I got up but wasn't able to give it my all. It was hard to workout in the house with the distraction. We enjoyed her visit and the Monday after she left I made my meal plan, printed out my workout schedule and got everything set. ... I woke up early EVERYDAY last week! Which if you know me is HUGE! Here is the Kicker, I got up everyday and each day my kids were up too. It was like as soon as I went to press play those little stinkers were up. It stressed me out and I even attempted to get it done with my little one running around. NOPE not happening. It discouraged me. BUT I'm going
again this week and I'm not giving up. Day one is already down! 

I have everything planned out for this week and I'm so excited to get some amazing results! Those abs are coming out of hiding!! :) I love it because not only am I able to be motivated to work on myself but I'm also able to have the energy and drive to text message the girls in my challenge group and my coaches to see if they got their workout in. I'm going ALL IN! I'm using every avenue I can to stay motivated. I'm sending out "sweaty post workout pictures" to the girls in my challenge groups!!  I'm right their with them. I don't just give assignments for them to do but I do them WITH THEM! Today was all about food in our challenge group and the girls were posting their meals all day. I was right their with them. I love being a Coach because not only am I able to help others but I'm able to help myself. It keep me motivated to push harder. 
Being a coach has been one of the best things that could ever happen to me. I started out just like anyone else. I was the girl in the Challenge Group  just trying to loose the extra baby weight I gained. I didn't have any dream or confidence in coaching. I joined for the Free Military Discount. I wanted to get my shakeology at 25% off. Little did i know that joining my very own challenge group would change my whole LIFE! SERIOUSLY! MY LIFE! 

I know that I'm ready to kick some serous booty not only for myself but for my coaches, my challengers, my friends, and my family. I want to be the person that is told "because of you I didn't give up" 

If you are ready to Join my Fit Family  and Kick some booty with us .. I'll be here for you! Together we can do this! I'm so ready for the next 8 weeks. GAME ON! 

Here is my Workout Plan for the week and Week One Les Mills Body Pump and TurboFire Hybrid!! WOOT WOOT! 

Below is a video of my First attempt a few weeks before my MIL came into town ... Before Body is in this video! :) I also made another video of day one NOW! Let's GO! So excited to bring you along and crush it! 

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