Monday, January 28, 2013

The Ultimate Reset Last 4 Days of Week 3 - FINAL RESULTS!

The last few days of The Ultimate Reset were kind of blur for me. I ended up getting sick and didn't have much of an appetite. Every morning consisted of having my morning fruit pate and taking care of my girls while laying around because I just didn't feel well. I was feeling better by Friday which was the last day of The Reset and I had a girls night out party to go to. They were making mexican food and I had planned to make the avocado and cucumber soup - Which sounds delish and is on this weeks menu - BUT, I ran out of time and ended up bringing my own dressing and having a salad with some of the fresh avocado's she had, some nuts, and my own dressing. It was GREAT! I didn't feel deprived at all. When you enjoy the food you are eating you don't feel bad. I LOVE this new lifestyle.

Some days I didn't get in my full three meals because I just wasn't feeling well and just wanted to lay in bed. But I did do my best and felt like getting the rest my body needed was more important. There was a few times I opted out for some Vegan Shakeology instead of eating just because I didn't have the energy to cook.

Salads were for lunch & I had the Quick Stir fry and Sweet Potato

& Even tried the Squash & Quinoa. It was a great last 4 days even though I was sick and my results were amazing. Totally blew me away because I had thought I only lost weight and didn't really see a difference in my body.
After Day 18 is where it kind of stunk and I was in bed. Until Friday Night I enjoyed myself and stayed ON TRACK!!!! LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE & EVERYTHING that went along with it. It has forever changed my life. 

I lost 11lbs and 6 inches. Went from a size 6 to a size 4 and gained a whole new learning experience in the kitchen. I now know how to cook healthy vegetarian and vegan meals that I enjoy. That in it's self is worth it. 

I'm excited to jump start into my next Journey with Les Mills Body Pump & Body Combat Hybrid.

Follow me as I vlog and blog my journey!!!! If you are interested in getting in one of my Ulitimate Reset challenge groups message me and I would be happy to support you through your journey

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