Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 16 & 17 The Ultimate Reset

Sunday Day 16 -

We were suppose to head off to church this morning but we had so much stuff that needed to be done to our house. We have been swamped and once we get settled in we will be back in church but for now we have a TON to do and my husband only gets so many days off. He let me sleep in late and it felt great. He put up our fence in the back yard while I got some work done on the computer and tended to my coaching duties. The whole day consisted of me working and him putting up our fence.

Morning was fruit - the usual and I love waking up to it. The pineapple here is so amazing and i've been having some of that every morning along with grapes, and a green apple. SO GOOD!

After Breakfast I got to work on my computer and tended to business. I l don't get to have peace and quiet very often to work so this felt great to lay in bed and just focus.

Lunch was my typical micro green salad, chopped carrots, radish sprouts, and my favorite creamy garlic dressing. I just LOVE this salad and I top it with some sliced cashews and pine nuts.

Honestly, these last few days I've felt great energy wise!! I've never felt better and can honestly live on less sleep because when i do sleep, I'm out!!! I love it! I have amazing dreams and sleep so great. I am having all kinds of cravings though and just want something sweet. I think once I can have more normal shakeology with my almond milk, banana, and pb2 i'll be good. I MISS IT SO MUCH!!

Dinner was AHHH MAZING! .. I mean AHH MAZING! I will totally be eating this on a regular basis.

Dinner was a baked sweet potato with garlic veggies. I did post the recipe and you can get it here.

Garlic Stir Fry Veggies

The sweet potato tasted like CANDY and smelled like cookies while baking. It was great!! I highly recommend it.

Monday Day 17 - It's back to work for my husband and back to reality for me after a wonderful weekend.

My day went like this ... Woke up with my girls, changed my little ones diaper, took my girls down stairs to get them ready to have breakfast. I cut my girls up some fruit and made them whole grain waffles with blue berries. Right before getting their foods ready I took my supplements and got my fruit cut up. We all sat down together and had breakfast. I love my mornings with my girls and i'm so grateful that I get to be with them every morning!! Life is good!

After Breakfast we get dressed and then either go outside to play or watch cartoons. It varies everyday! I love playing with them and hearing their little laughs and giggles. My girls are why I choose to live a healthy life and be an example to them.

Lunch was different today. I made the Asian cabbage salad. I'm not normally a cabbage person but I decided that I was going to be open to trying new things.

I think that I would have liked it if i would have put less dressing. It was good but different and not one of my favorites. I tend to stick to things that I know I like and I don't think i'll repeat this meal and if I do ... it will be with LESS dressing!

My husband came home from work and I popped a lasagna in the oven for my family and helped him put together the table chairs that the moves decided to take apart. NOT FUN! No idea why they did this .. it was so much work. The girls enjoyed helping though and it was a family event.

I popped a sweet potato in the oven for me and made my garlic veggie stir-fry. I just can't get enough of this mean and I KNOW i'll be repeating this almost all week. When I find something I love and I know that I can stick to with out feeling deprived I cling to it. So that's what works for me. The menu this week does have some great recipes that I do plan on venturing out and trying in the future. 

I feel great on the reset and I love how i've been able to keep this up and still feel good, full, and not as crabby as I am on other detox programs. The first week was tough no doubt and there was some crazy emotions in the second week but now that I'm over the hump I really feel like this could be my life. 

I highly recommend the Ultimate Rest if you are looking for some serious weight loss, gain natural energy, get better sleep, and get some great recipes. My pants are literally falling off. Put a pair on to day and couldn't believe how loose they were. LOVE THAT FEELING!! 

Go check out to get yours today! 

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