Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 15 - Phase III Restore

I'm officially in the third and final week of The ultimate Reset. This week is all about Restoring the body!! This week is a tough because you are suppose to eliminate grains and legumes from your diet and focus on a simple cleansing diet based on fruit and vegetables. However, there is an option for those who don't wish to eliminate grains. They are able to aid in quinoa or brown rice at dinner or lunch. I have not done this yet and was perfect fine the last few days with out it. I did have a little bit less energy and felt a little light headed but I think it's my body adjusting to the new eating plan.

This week I will no longer be taking the Detox before every meal but will be adding in two more pills called Revitalize. This supplement is meant to restore good bacteria back into your gut and help your metabolism fire up!! 

I started the morning out as usual - took my supplements and as waiting the suggested 30 mins till eating I cut up my fruit. Really enjoy the yummy green apples & Grapes. I even added in some nectarines! It was amazing, as always!  

That morning I was off to the Aloha market to get some souvenirs with a friend. She was searching for souvenirs to send back home and these markets are HUGE and have so many goodies to send back to family from Hawaii. We only stayed about an hour before heading back to the house. I fixed our girls some lunch as we waited for the hockey game to end so that our hubby's and us could all head out to the north shore for some walking around and dinner. I was totally prepared for this!! Lunch was not prepared because I was so tired the night before and didn't even have dinner. So I still had my dinner in the fridge. I had made Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash already made in the fridge. I know that we aren't suppose to mix meals between the two weeks but I had it made and really didn't want to toss it. So I warmed it up and had that for lunch quickly. 

After eating, My friend and Quinn and I chatted as I made my Creamy Garlic Salad Dressing. I knew that we were going to go out to dinner that night and I had myself mentally prepared. I didn't want to ruin the fun day just because I was doing the Reset. I packed my salad dressing and put some pine nuts and cashews in a bag. I took my Alkalinize before leaving the house and made my Vegan Shakeology to go. I did not want to be in the position where I was starving and caved.   

We drove up to the North Shore and took a few pictures on the beach. 

It was gorgeous and I'm so blessed to be able to live in Hawaii these next few years. I'm very excited to have new friends as well and make this place our HOME! 
After a walk on the beach and fighting the kids from jumping in the water we walked on down to some cute little antique and artsy shops. Love those kind of shops! We also stopped at the famous Shaved Ice place on the North Shore. The line was long and I was the only one that did not indulge in one but they did look good!! I'm glad that everyone enjoyed theres. That Shakeology was my life saver in this moment because i didn't even have the temptation. 

We walked around a bit and enjoyed all the fun shops until dinner. We then found a Mexican Restaurant called Cholo's which we all thought was a pretty name and decided we would use it the rest of the night in jokes. It was a GREAT NIGHT! I will admit .. we had to wait a LONG time to get seated at our table and I was starving. Everyone had margaritas in had and were munching on some chips and salsa. I debated with myself that whole time till getting our table if i would cheat or not. It crossed my mind and I was fighting with myself. I really just wanted to give in - have Margarita and some mexican food. HOWEVER, when it came time to order I followed through and ordered a plain salad. No dressing, no cheese! I am not a tomato fan so i only got a mixed salad and had them add some onions. I pulled out my dressing and nuts and it was actually really amazing. I loved it and did not feel deprived at all. I'm so happy that I decided to stick with it and not give up because I was hungry. This proved to myself that I can still go out with friends, make healthy choices, and still have fun! You don't have to eat horrible to have a good time. Sure, it's okay to once a week as long as you are good during the week but if you plan ahead it really is just as good and fulfilling. I will be taking my dressing with me in the future and using this when going out again. It really worked well for me and I had a great night! 

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