Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 13 & 14 of The Ultimate Reset

Day 13 & 14 of The Ultimate Reset were GREAT & basically the SAME! I was starting to gain energy and just feel great. By far the best days YET! I did loose my appetite when dinner came around and drank a vegan chocolate Shakeology for dinner both nights. The food has of course been amazing and I pretty much ate the same thing all week. Were so busy with unpacking and getting the house unpacked that I really didn't have as much time to cook as I wanted. I do plan on going through these menu's again and using them after the reset. This is a lifestyle change that I attend to continue with. I will have my one cheat a week because I honestly am going CRAZY with out it. I think about sweets, cookies, cake, pie, all day long. I'm not normally like this either. Normally I can get my kids an ice cream or fix their food and be totally okay but i'm going crazy with the cravings. I have to fight with myself not to eat my kids nurtigrain bars at breakfast and take a bite of their waffles. Definitely need that one cheat & my daily Shakeology!!!

Breakfast all week has been the same - Fruit!! I've honestly LOVED IT. The only thing I will change after the Reset is I will add in the original plain low fat yogurt with a drizzle of honey with my morning fruit like we were able to have in week 1. LOVED the yogurt .. but enjoying having fruit for breakfast. We live in Hawaii and the pineapple here is AMAZING!!! I am addicted I think and it's a nice morning treat.

Lunch was my normal amazing salad with Cashews and the Creamy Garlic Homemade Salad Dressing. AMAZING!!!
After the reset I plan to keep this amazing salad in the rotation. Some mornings I'll have my Shakeology for breakfast and some days i'll have my morning fruit and have my Shakeology for lunch!! Loving the new variety that I will have and that I have found some recipes that I love and plan to keep around.

Dinner was Vegan Shakeology and I enjoyed EVERY ounce of it!!! I love my Shakeology!!

Right after my shake I watched a few of my shows,  worked a bit on the computer, and was off to bed. I was excited to wake up to the last day of the DETOX!!!!!

Day 13 & the FINAL day of Week 2!!!! I have a love/hate relationship with the Reset. I have major cravings but I LOVE the challenge and I enjoy the connection in the group and the menu plan that I almost don't want it to end. However, I am looking forward to feeling like a normal person and not being a hermit in my house because I'm scared of all the temptations around. I'm telling you the Reset is  easy at the beginning but as time goes on the cravings get BAD. It's key to have a good support group that you can count on and hold yourself accountable. I can help you through this if you decide to. It's been one of the best experiences and i highly suggest this program for anyone looking to drop some weight, learn to eat clean, learn to love vegetables, and expand their recipe book, or just put yourself to the challenge.

Today started out with my morning fruit & of course ... MORE UNPACKING!! I swear it's never ending. Still so much to do! Lunch was the same as the day before. A delicious microgreen salad with cashews, and the creamy garlic salad dressing. I could easily eat this everyday and i use to NOT be a salad person!!

I made dinner but was so tired I feel asleep with out even eating dinner. I think all the late nights up working and unpacking through out the day caught up to me. I took my last detox and fell asleep on the couch. My husband woke me up and I was half asleep walking to bed. It was a long week & I just need a night to catch up.

Here's to the last Detox and the end of week 2. ON TO THE FINAL WEEK!!!! If I made it this far, I can definitely make it through the last week.

The last of the detox and off to week 3... feeling great and ready to tackle this!!

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