Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 2 Piyo Meal Plan and Progress Update

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update
Piyo Week 2 

I ROCKED Week Two of Piyo and am officially DONE!! So now I have a good feel of the workouts and I know that EVERYONE wants to know what I think of it.

I am actually loving it and am surprised. I am missing lifting some weights and the high intensity cardio. I am adding in some runs because I really enjoy getting out and enjoying some fresh air with my littles.

I do love all the core work and flexibility that is coming with this program. It's a nice break for the pounding I normally give myself. Not every workout gives me a huge sweat so I make sure to really push myself in every workout and do as much as I can. That really where the results lie.

I figure if I'm already awake, I might as well give it my all.

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update

I am loving the "SWEAT" workout!! Man is that workout SWEATY and it totally engages my core and I just simply feel amazing afterwards. I really love Piyo Core as well. Both are great workouts, challenging, and push me in the areas I need the most work. 

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update

The upper body workout is REALLY short I feel - Only 20 minutes! I am all about feeling the BURN so I have been adding in my run on those days!! I love running. 

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update
2 miles down! First run in a long time. 

I started Week 2 off with doing the 3 Day Refresh. This is a new cleanse that just came out and I must say I felt amazing afterwards. Totally refreshed, lost 3.5 pounds and was totally back on track after a few weeks of over indulging.

3 day refresh results and meal plan
3 Day Refresh Results 

Right after the Refresh was some 4th of July FUN!
The answer is 
YES, I still worked out 
Yes, it was a challenge 
Yes, I had a few margaritas, pizza, and goodies
Did I get right back on track? Yep! 

It's always challenging when a holiday comes up, you are heading to a BBQ, have family around, ect. But you can always CONTROL every situation. It's all about choices. If you want to stay on track - Then bring a Salad that you enjoy so that you have a healthy choice. Use your will power, double up workouts. 

You CONTROL what you put in your mouth! :) 

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update
Workout done and ready for 4th of July Fun

I'm telling you, It's HOT in Hawaii and I'm not a shorts girl. I always felt insecure about it and it felt amazing to slip these on and feel comfortable wearing them. Nothing beats that Non-Scale Victory!

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update

One thing about Piyo is you aren't getting a high calorie burn so it's important to stick to your meal plan and watch your portions. I LOVE my carbs so it's been a struggle making sure that I stick to the meal plan and don't add in but It's a good struggle. It's helping me stay on track and stay conscious of the things i'm adding in my diet. 

Here is my meal plan for the week. 

3 day refresh and piyo week 2 meal plan

Having a plan totally keeps me on track through out the week. Sometimes I have to switch things around or don't get around to making every single meal because we decide on something quick and easy or have leftovers but this reminds me that I have a plan and will always have clean and healthy meals in the house. I also use Sundays to prep anything that I need for the week. I like to baggy up my veggies so I can just grab them and go. Eggs are always my go to when I'm feeling lazy and need a quick go to for something clean. 

This is the type of greek yogurt I get! No added sugars or fruit. Just plain 0% Greek Yogurt and then I add in my own fresh fruit, cinnamon, and a squirt of honey. Doesn't give you all that added sugar and junk and tastes just as good, I actually think better. 

Piyo week 2 meal plan and progress update

If you would like more information on joining my next Piyo Accountability and support group to get customized meal planning, tips and recipes to help you start and complete your Piyo Journey please contact me below!

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