Friday, February 28, 2014

P90X3 Week 3 & 4 Update and Progress

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P90X3 Progress Update

Seriously, where do the weeks go!?!? I feel like this program just flies by. My Challengers in my test group are already past day 60 and on their last 30 days!! The weeks just fly on by!! I am totally seeing results with this program and feeling stronger each and every day. The workouts are totally challenging me in all the right ways. Right when I feel like I have the workout mastered I add on weights or the schedule gets switched up and I'm back to being challenged again. That's exactly how I like it and know that it's working me in all the right ways. 

I'm following the classic schedule and weeks 1-3 you stick with the same schedule!! So i've been following this same schedule of workouts for the last 3 weeks - Love Hate Relationship for sure!! 

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The Workouts:

Monday:Total Synergistics which I love
Tuesday:  Agility X
Wednesday:  X3 Yoga
Thursday:  The Challenge
Friday:  CVX
Saturday:  The Warrior
Sunday:  Rest or Dynamix

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I totally LOVED this week and am so ready to change it up in week 4!! This is one of my favorite programs for sure! I love how strong and lean I feel and Tony seriously cracks me up!! 

I'm totally seeing some definition happening in my abs, arms, and legs. We only have less than a month till our success club cruise and I'm so excited for this!! I want to feel confident in my bikini, so there is no time to MESS AROUND!! It's on!! 

My Meal Plan isn't anything special. Same as it always is!! Complex Carb + Protein and limited to 2 starchy carbs a day. I have my Shakeology every morning for breakfast!! Quick easy and out the door! It's game on this week! I got my menu ready to go and I ROCKED IT! You can find all the clean eating recipes on the tab on my blog. 

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Every day for breakfast you can see that I drink my Shakeology.  I am slightly addicted to chocolate Shakeology because I love chocolate and it is my one sweet fix. I shake it up with water and ice most of the time and it's easy when I'm in a rush or just want something quick to make. 

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Shakeology in the car on the way to morning bible study

I was late on blogging so had to blog Week 3 and 4 together!! Week 4 is amazing!!! It's called the transition phase and it's such a "break" from the last three weeks of butt kicking. Oh and just because I say REST doesn't mean it was easy .. I still worked on core, stability, more cardio, and lots of stretching. I wasn't so great at holding the moves. I'm glad i'm able to do it where no one can see me because WOW I am not good at balancing myself but I know that it will only get better. I was sore form all of the different poses but it was a good sore.

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Here are the workouts: 

Day 1 was Isometrix 
Day 2 Dynamix
Day 4 Pilates X
Day 5 CVX
Day 6 - Yoga

Isometrix- was a total challenge for me and holding the moves was not really my strong suite but I did it and made it work and it challenged me in a good way. 

Dynamix - Is all about slowing down breathing and stretching  Not really my cup of  tea but I got it done and didn't skip it. 

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Accelerator - SERIOUSLY kicked my Butt and one of my Favorite workouts!! FAVORITE! 

Pilates X - Is a total body workout and I was so sore it hurt to laugh!! I rocked it but WOW was I challenged but it felt good. 

CVX - I love cardio with weights because even though the workouts are only 30 minutes long you are seriously getting a rocking workout. I'm always dripping in sweat and feeling awesome after this workout. Feels great to mix the best of both worlds to get a whole body workout. 

Yoga - This workout allows me to slow down a bit, get some good core and stretching in, and come out feeling in tune with my body! I always feel fresh and ready to take on the day. It may seem like it isn't a good workout but I always come out feeling sore the next day. 

DAY 7 is always my rest day and my day to nap, relax, and prep for a new week. 

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And of course i'm going to share my meal plan with you because that's how I do things! I plan so that I'm not stressing what we are going to eat, so that the house is always full of healthy eats, and so that being busy and unplanned doesn't become an excuse for getting off track. It makes life simple and else stressful. I love my sunday meal planning and teach my challengers to do the same. 

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Oh and I wanted to share with you my challengers 60 day results. She totally has rocked it! I'm so proud of her!! 

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