Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tips for Eating Clean While On Vacation!!

I feel like I have been on Vacation for a MONTH! HA! 

It's been the most busy month EVER for me but I've enjoyed every bit of it with out the weight gain. 

My husband and I traveled to the Big Island for a week leaving our kids with my MIL and spent the entire week hiking, driving, and exploring the island. It was a blast and I'm not going to say I was 100% perfect. I do live a little while on vacation but for the most part when I stayed on track. I had a few drinks and cheesy meals but I feel when I'm on vacation it's okay to splurge a little but also remember to not go crazy. 

We drove all around the island basically following all of those yellow roads! :) 

1. Check out your surroundings!! 
I like to check out the area for any healthy restruants or any near by grocery stores so that I can stalk up on some clean eats!! I don't dwell too much on always finding a perfectly healthy restaurant to eat at because I do like to live a little but if I start feeling sluggish and notice i'm just eating too much junk i'll clean it up and go for a salad with dressing on the side and almost always lemon water. 
You can also get a Hotel Room or House with a fridge so you can stalk up on some clean eats like Greek Yogurt, Apples, Oatmeal, Salad Mix, Tuna, Hummus, Eggs, Salsa, and Fresh Veggies

2. Prep your Food and Pack what you can! 
I seriously think about what I can pack FOOD WISE before I think about packing my clothes! I truly don't like feeling like crud while on vacation. There is nothing worse then feeling sluggish, bloated, and just drained while on vacation. I like to splurge but not go crazy. Therefore, I don't mind if you laugh.. I like to pack my food not only does it save my waistline but it saves MONEY! 
These are the things you will most likely find in my carry on bag in a little cooler: 

- Apples
- Baby Carrots 
- Hummus 
- Almonds
- Whole grain crackers
- Quest Bars 
- Albacore Tuna Packs (save these for when you get off the flight.. People HATE the smell) 
- Beef Jerky 
Shakeology (I never leave with out it and it was a lifesaver on this trip) I Just shook it up with water and had a perfect nutritious chocolate meal ready for me equal to 5 trips to the salad bar!! 
- Oatmeal in a baggy with Protein Powder and Stevia (just add hot water and stir) 

If you are traveling overseas most of the time these things are okay as long as you finish them before getting off the flight but if you are traveling stateside I've never had any kind of problems carry any of this! 

3. When Eating Out Check Out the Menu Before Hand
If you are trying to stay on track when dining out and didn't get a chance to scope the place out for healthy places to eat .. NO WORRIES! You can do a quick google search when you hit the hotel and when you get to the restaurant look on the menu for things that are grilled, broiled, steamed, or baked rather then things that are sautéed in butter, labeled "crispy", fried, or battered. 

It's so easy to get off track with water intake while on vacation but it's SO IMPORTANT! It's easy to forget and most do! I like to take a water bottle with me. In fact I pack one in my suit case every time that way I can just pull it out and i'm ready to go. I make sure to fill it multiple times each day and every time i look down on it I chug a good portion of it. 
5. Exercise 
Not everyone stresses about getting a workout in while on vacation but to me it gets me up and moving in the mornings. I feel better and just am in a better mood. I also like to keep my days pretty active such as hiking or doing a lot of walking. 
I got up around 6:30 am everyday while on our vacation and fit in 25 minutes of T25! It felt great to get a short little workout in before starting our day!! I packed my workout and popped it into my DVD Player on my computer and BOOM was done in seriously TWENTY FIVE MINUTES and it was just as good of a workout as an HOUR! 
I also took the stairs when I could instead of the Elevators 

Those are my tips!! I hope this helps you stay on track during your holidays!! I didn't come back ONE POUND Heavier and I know it's because I chose to drink my Shakeology daily and stay active! 

Here are some pictures from our amazing trip
Just getting off the Air Plane and in our Jeep Cruising

The View from our Amazing Hotel 

Dried Lava

Standing outside the Active Volcano

I hope these tips help you stay on track during the holidays or while on any vacation!! Living this type of lifestyle has really become second nature to me! 

E-mail me for any advice or tips. 

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