Thursday, October 24, 2013

5 Week 1/2 Marathon Training and FINISH!!

If you haven't been following me on myFacebook Page and don't know I ran in the Run, Rock, & Wine Half Marathon on October 12th. My first ever half marathon!! This was a HUGE accomplishment for me! I use to be one of those people that would look at people who could run long distances and just WISH and DREAM of being like that. I doubted myself and always said "I could never do that".

Well all it took was me telling a few friends one day while doing T25 today that I was thinking about signing up for this half marathon but it was only 4 weeks away and I was nervous about it not being enough time.

With a little encouragement and a running plan we all three decided that we would do it. We got a hotel room down in Waikiki and got to training. It was an amazing boding experience and I really started enjoying the runs.

Not only enjoying them but each and every time I would reach a further distance in running I would get excited. I thought running 6 miles was a huge deal until I ran 8. Each time it reassured me of how strong I was and this was actually possible. It was all a mental mind game. If you believe you can do it .. then you CAN DO IT!

So that was my running schedule and I will say that I was NOT a running prior to training for this race. The most I had ever ran was 4 miles but because of the strength and stamina I had built up with Focus T25 I was able to jump right in and make it happen. It wasn't always easy but I knew that I wanted it bad enough and it felt SO good to cross that Finish Line!! I almost cried!!! 

I ate clean, trained mean, and ran my little heart out!!! I really believe that my nutrition also had a great deal to do with my success!! My Running Buddy Sally and I would make a Shakeology each day after our runs!!! Best nutrition and fuel while icing our knees and rolling out our muscles. 

The Three Amiga's 

This was definitely an honorable moment of my life and I enjoyed doing it with these amazing ladies!!! It felt so good to cross that finish line and receive my medal. I finished at 2:24 and I'm proud of that!!! 

If you need any help in your own personal journey with your first 1/2 marathon I would be happy to help you and support you!! A memory that will always live with me and I plan on doing many more! This will not be my last time! 

You can E-mail me for any help or advice!!