Friday, September 20, 2013

Weight loss Transformation Success Stories

30 Day T25 Transformation 
It's Friday afternoon and I just wanted to share with you a few success stories from varies challenge groups I have going right now. I could not contain my excitement for everyone. These are only a few of the large amount of transformations that are showing up in my inbox and in our group over the last few days. 
"It's worth every single penny!! This is my lifetime change and happiness. I no longer buy junk food, alcohol, fast food, or frappes. Also, no longer buy happy pills. So I save money. This challenge group keeps me so motivated and I look forward to checking in every morning." - Brittany Cady
This is Brittany and is actually a challenger that joined our group through one of my coaches! That is serious a direct reflection of the ripple effect!! Brittany's coach had an amazing transformation in one of my previous challenge groups and is now a coach touching lives just as I had hers. LOVE IT! So amazing to witness. Brittany is only on day 30 of her journey and has already lost 16 lbs and 10.5 inches. Her transformation is jaw dropping and I'm so proud of her. Not only has she changed the way her body looks but she has changed her outlook on life. So proud of this girl and am so happy for what her future holds. I love it when I can hear that because of Shakeology, working out, and the positivity of our challenge groups that a person was able to love life again and get off anti depressant medication. That means the absolute world to me. 

It would be easy for each of my challengers to make excuses. They are Mom's, have multiple jobs, and responsibilities. It would be easy to go to the drive-thru and grab a burger and fries, it would be easy to turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep, it would be easy to skip the grocery shopping. However, these ladies decided to stay committed and determined. They leaned on each other and on our challenge group to push through and BAM - RESULTS! It's only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week!! That's IT!!! You don't have to spend hours in the gym, you don't need any special equipment it comes with everything you need, and you can do it right in the comfort of your home. Literally get up, get dressed, and workout. Then check in with our challenge group and tell us you nailed it .. root on others in the group ... and do it again the next day. The one time investment is 100% worth it. 

So proud of you girls!! WOO HOO

Courtney's 60 Day T25 Transformation 

Courtney has two full time jobs and was still able to have a rocking transformation!! 25 mins a day 5 days a week. Commitment Dedication = SUCCESS 
She is starting Insanity next! I only see more success from her. 

Amanda's T25 60 day Transformation 

Amanda has been committed since day one! Posting in the group, sharing pictures, recipes, and every step of her journey. She has been a true inspiration! She got sick along her journey and wasn't able to completely commit to the Beta phase of T25 so she is starting over and ROCKING IT! Her transformation is amazing so I know she is going to only get better! Can't wait.

Amazing !!! 

I am so proud of each of these ladies who committed to clean eating, drinking their daily shakeology, and doing their workouts. Each of them are committed to continue their journey of this new and improved lifestyle they have created. I know that it's so hard to trust someone when they tell you that they are going to help you change your life and that this time really is going to be the time you actually do it ... you are actually going to get results and change everything. I'm so thankful for each of these girls trusting their coaches and our challenge groups to help them reach their goals. You see so many transformation stories through the internet, infomercials, and magazines but you never really think it's going to happen to you. You are SO scared to invest more money to a product that is just going to collect dust on your self. Anyone can get a workout program but all of my challengers will tell you that the SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY were the main factors of their success. The missing piece to these programs is that person to check in with you, support you, teach you what to eat, and place you in a group full of like minded people in the same spot as you. Having the encouragement when every day doesn't go perfect and allowing it to get you right back on track can not be replaced!!

For me personally I lost all of my baby weight through a challenge group just like the ones I offer now. I always try and give everyone the same tools that I had through my personal journey! Join my September 30th Challenge Group and be on your way to a better you this holiday season. Instead of gaining weight you will actually be loosing weight, look great in all of your holiday attire, and feel amazing when it comes time to getting together with family. Do it to hear the words "have you lost weight" Nothing can replace that feeling. This year your New Years Resolution won't be to loose weight.  Let's do it!! Are you ready!?!?